Sunday, December 25, 2005

Back to a Dodo XMAS

Am back in dodo land for a few days (holidays) before going back early Jan. So I got off my plane like 4 hours ago . Watched Alien v/s predator DVD . Ate some noodles , read the newspaper and now am blogging.

Dont no where i get the energy to do these things. But am planning to catch Father Xmas today read handed as he misses my house as he has been doing ever since I turned 11.

What has changed in the country since i left exactly 31 days ago ? ...the weather. Its really hot here in Port-Louis , even hotter than in Sandton , Jo'burg.

Must definitively go to the beach under these conditions.

Anyways MERRY XMAS to all of you people out there !!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

South African Safari

Yesterday I went on safari at the Lions Park which is very near to Lanseria Airport in South Africa. Was able to encounter animals that would be impossible to touch and see in good old Mauritius.

I saw giraffes , lynx , hyena , cheetah and the king of all animals the lion , loads and loads of them . I actually parked my car just next to lioness having its mouth full of the severed head of a cow. She was chewing on it as if it was a lollypop or something.

I also played with the lion cubs , adorable little lazy animals which didnt mind hundreds of tourist playing with them everyday.

Unfortunetly these animals are not really in the wild and would not be able to survive by themselves if they were let loose. Its a pity that because of mans wrong doings these majestic creatures now have to live in private farms and closed areas.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Blogging from South Africa

Here I am in South Africa and its my first blog from here. Its a really beautiful country , the weather is great and people are kind. I'm currently in Sandton , Johannesburg.

Will try to find some time to blog more.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Out to South Africa

To everyone whom I might not have had the time to say this , well am leaving Mauritius tommorrow to South Africa for work ,I would be back normally before or on X-MAS.

Sorry for not having called everyone cause I just got the news myself.At least its a good thing to have a blog :P, you can desiminate information quickly.

However I dont have any clue if I will have facilities there to go online or if I'll have time to blog ...normally i wont.

Ayways be sure I will try to take a maximum of photos possible and will go hunting for the LION in the bush !!!!!

I do hope to meet some Mauritians there in SA , so if you are Mauritian and you are in SA just send me a mail ... :P

I think I will concentrate all the personal blogging on My MSN Space as its faster and keep the photos on flickr so do check these out.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Mauritius AutoShow 2005

Had a blasting time at the Autoshow 2005 on saturday ..definitively much more than I had for Infotech 2005 . I have brought some good news and some bad news with me though, the good news is that cars really look much better now , designs are sleek and aerodynamic but prices now top the rs 2 millions for semi-luxury models !!!!!

Many people came to Pailles to see the show , on the way I came across the iframac centre where there were at least a dozen jaguars ready to be sold . That was enough to have me salivating . In front of the Pailles centre there were at least 6 classic cars . Ticket cost around rs 35 rupees which is really cheap .. depending on the number of people coming with you.

The main attraction was at the Nissan stand and more precisely for the Nissan Z 350 which where showcased , 2 sexy beast which i would have loved to ride. Well enough of talking pictures speak for themselves:
Pictures I took :

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Friday, November 18, 2005

You will never guess what this blog is about!

Ok I know am out doing myself today is a blog on powerpoint presentations , a lot of interesting material to read , reall nice though... but still a blog about powerpoint presentations ...where are we heading!

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Customize msn spaces blog

This guy
talks you around how to customize your msn space ..if you have one of course
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30 gigs invite hack

Just copy pas the following URL in your browser :

You can replace enter-any-name-here by anything you want.

Found this hack on dreamchaser's. blog

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Infotech 2005 aftermath

So I did eventually go to infotech 2005 on Saturday, there was less stands than before , it was hot and everyone was crowded inside a small arena, it felt a lot like being in an oven with lots of crawling ants...needless to say rude , pushing and sqeeking ants.

This time I walked with my hands in my pocket so as vendors dont keep junking their brochures my way or at times I just kindly(..hmm) refused to grab everthing they threw at my face.

Met loads of people there with everyone saying the same thing .. "Nothing new!" or "Theres nothing to see" which depicted exactly the situation. One stand that really attracted me was that of the MT+ livebox , which is a small rectangular box which provides you with ADSL access , internet TV and video-enabled fixed telephone line surprisingly the stand was empty....yes Mauritians are really techie

Most people were after the cash & carry stands which had on display their inexpensive computer-wares ..mind you a Sony Vaio at rs62,000 , I do wonder who would be the idiot who would spend that amount on a laptop. There was also the leal informatics stand that had quiet a few visitors with the IPod Nano looking realy cute and sexy. And the Apple-Mini being sold at rs 18000 (without a screen).

On the whole the only thing I would cherish in my memories of that Saturday would be the ride to Mer-Rouge and back home!

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Eid the day after

Eid Mubarak if i missed one of you people . Eid went well , lots of briani and now am suffering from stomach ache ... ouch.

Lets wait for bakreid now :) heheheh.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

YouTube - Upload Tag and share videos

YouTube is the technorati and flickr for video files . You can upload and share your videos with thousands of other users and visualize all the sites content via Tags just like technorati.

The idea is great and right now the japs and chinese are making the most out of the service. There are some really cool videos like this Ninja Man or the funny 2 chinese boys I want it that way , which is an absolute must see loool .

If you want to save the YouTube videos follow this guide.

Update: The Lion Song kewl!

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Me v/s the Mango Eater Bats

Eaten up mangoes
Originally uploaded by ledodo.
Last night was one of the most annoying and sleepless night of my entirely life. The reason BATs!

This must be my 3rd blog entry on these dumb creatures. Even my parents are now concerned with them, no one is able to sleep peacefully annymore.

Imagine being waken up at 1:45am by flapping wings , sqeaky noises over a well-laden late-night mango dinner party... just after having seen Dracula TV ..brbr..

So I decided that enough was enough , me and my dad come up with a list of possible solutions to frighten them off .

First we tried to light up all lamps in the house but this did not have much effect . Dad told me that someone had advised him to put a radio near the tree , so we bundled his little blue radio to a sort of long stick and placed it high up near the mangoo tree ... that was the end of dad's favorite blue radio ... as it fell with a big crash .

Exasperated I took hold of the stick and angrily rattled it through the leaves of the tree , imagine our surprise on seeing at least 20 bats rising up to the dark skys one by one . And there were big ones amongst them. Actually the entire area we live in is full with loaded mango trees at this period of the year and for the bats its like a gigantic mall.

Tonight am gonna try scaring the hell out of them with firecrackers. Anyone has any suggestions , i would be glad to hear them.

Ah and yeah the picture shows the mess after the late night dinner in my yard.

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Cheap Alienware Laptop

If you are anywhere in the northern hemisphere and happen to want a laptop then do consider the new Area-51 laptops from Alienware not only are they cool but are also cheap starting at $1,049 ..on top of that they have wide-screens.

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Create your avatar with Yahoo Avatars

Having your personalized avatar is no longer a problem with Yahoo's Avatar maker. You can quickly make up a decent avatar of yourself or your friends.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Diwali 2005

Today is Divali , one festival that i definitively love more than Christmas (since i stopped getting presents). Divali or Diwali is the festival of light celebrated by Hindus all around the world and enjoyed by all the neighbours and friends of them people ...because you get loads of sweets .. tons and tons of them.

By sweets I mean indian delicacies which are absolutely words can describe what I mean to say here.. Divali strikes memories also by the fact that our hindu friends light up their houses with beautiful little lamps and light-bulb bases decorations. And there is also a lot of firecrackers which will go up in smoke tonight.

On the whole divali is celebrated by everyone in Mauritius except for people like me who have to work on that day :P .So Happy Divali festival to you all!!!!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A long summer night's dream

I have been really busy lately at work this explains the sporadic blog entries. Well I still don't have much time to blog so am gonna make it fast.

Comming to fast , we are approaching the last week of Ramadan the new moon should be seen "theoretically" on (3rd of November 2005) thursday , my bet is that Eid would be celebrated on Friday.I do long for a good briani... miaaam. For those of you who don't know what briani is .. well you will see on Eid's day ..vegetarians please abstain.

Summer is so painful i do prefer Mauritian winter which is very comfortable. Right now in Port-Louis its like living in hell. On top of that there is a stupid bat which keeps eating mangoes 2 metres off my bedroom window and it makes awful squeaky noises ... damn stupid animal!! I thought it was a small thing until I saw it last night , its like arms length and with its wings unleashed it does look creepy.

Apart from that there is nothing really important going on except for school children who are having their final exams and are soon going on holidays ... lucky kidos.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Flock - New variant of firefox

Am currently writing this post using Flock the new variant of FireFox . This new browser has really tight integration with tools such as blogger , flickr , del.i.cious etc.. which adds really powerful editing capabilites to your browsing experience.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Goowy mail now at 2Gig and much much more

The war rages on in the battle of email clients. The coolest of them all with its flash inteface , Goowy , now is offering 2Gig mail storage capacity which makes it a direct concurrent with Yahoo Mail and all below ..including Hotmail.

You would have thought that this would be it but Goowy is also launching a desktop client to allow you to get notifications of your mail directly from your desktop along with all the functionalities such as calendar , notifications ,games ,etc..

Installation is pretty simple and straight forward.

Right now however am currently getting problems connecting thought the email client , site says they are performing maintenance.

[Blog edited on the 18th October ..removal of content with access to beta site]

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

UFO information

These high tech pictures come from the UFO sightings website National UFO.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mailnation comes up with 1000GB mailbox

The war of mail providers are at its peak , now comes MailNation offering 1000GB mail thats way more than GMail , Goowy , Yahoo Mail and 30Gigs .

The interface is very professional and is just like outlook express , dont expect AJAX , FLASH or advanced JavaScript here. Theres nothing out of the common and its simplicity somehow gives it a really "work" type attitude.

Unlike 30gigs , mailnation does show you the amount of storage you still have left , you are allowed to send up to 10MB mail attachments, there's wap-acess , auto-message ,forwards and completely-utterly ad-free. Its really brilliant.

No need of any invitation to get a MailNation account just register directly.It terms of mail size , i beleive that MailNation is simply awesome , give it a go!

By the way thanks to the little kitten who helped me find it :P .

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Got 30gigs mail account and invites

Got a 30gigs invitation from Faisal , thanks loads man!! So here i am with my brand new 30gigs mail account with 5 invites left, already sent 2 invites away.

So if you want to get invited to 30gigs just drop a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know your email adds.

I created 2 accounts , one of which i managed to crash :p , well dont worry 30gigs is still in beta so small bugs are still present. They are actually still collecting all bugs for fixing.

The pages are processed really slowly as compared to GMail but at the same time GMail uses javascript for most of its processing , so thats why it seems to be faster than 30gigs. Still the later has a less interesting interface than GMail or Goowy. Futhermore 30gigs runs over php which may not scale up to perfom with thousands of simultaneous users , this agains explains why it is so slow.

Now lets get to the main attraction which is the actual 30 Gigs .. well from what i see attachments can only be of 2MB max and there is no indication of storage space.

There is a somewhat similar Search functionality as GMail.

You can create folders but strangely when I created a folder , it did appear under Inbox but my 'Sent Items' , 'Deleted Items' and 'Draft Items' disappeared although :) .

Anyways if you want an invite just let me know.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mauritius Continuum and the Aibo dog

Bright saturday morning , nice weather , no birds chirping , an excellent day to stay at home in front of your pc you will say...hmm. Well just finished reading the newspaper it seems some laptops are being sold at really low prices in MRU finally such as the Gigbyte 1.7Ghz laptop from Leal informatics which sounds cool at rs39,000 .

Its getting warmer on dodo island these days an definitively less windy. Mango trees are all laiden with their fruits , actually am getting unwanted visitors at night in the form of bats. The little beasts are eaten up all the mangoes on my tree. Thats not really a problem except that they creat a lot of mess in the yard under the good old mango tree.

Coming back to the newspaper , I also read that the japs have created yet another version of their robot Aibo Dog with additional features including the ability to take pictures with its cameras and upload the photos along with words that it hears to a blog online! Imagine not only does man's most faithful metallic friend get your newspaper and roll when you clap hands but is also blogs all the crap that it see's in your house online...without your permission (ok am kidding here)! Actually the owner is the one who decides the entries to be sent to the aibo blog.

However if it was to be hacked the Aibo could turn out to be a really cool spy and be sent on secret missions all around the world to save the world.But until that happens we have to contempt ourselves with a blogwriter doggie which comes at the price of around $ 2,000.00 and in 3 different colours black , white and gold. The Aibo also provides video recording functionalities and can be used for house sitting which honestly i think is great , you get a robot that can run all corners of your house take pictures , send them online for monitoring , doesnt not make stupid noise , doesnt mess up your floor , doesn't require any feeding and on top of that serves as a music player and diary. So much functionalities that make your life ever easier , for my part am waiting for the next version of Aibo , the one that irons your clothes and does the cooking ;) .

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ramadan - Roza 2005

The days of fasting have started for all muslims across the globe . I thought i would write a few lines on the subject , it is true that this holy period is not really known outside muslim communities and outside of Mauritius (here we know everything about everyone's religion).

So what is roza all about you will say? Roza is about fasting and making muslims realise the pain and hunger people striken with poverty face in their everyday life. Its also about donating a percentage of one's income to the poor.As you may see there's a lot about trying to bring a balance between the poor and the rich. Well that was my short introduction to my beginner's guide to Roza.

Now how roza affects our everyday life is kind of surprising. You have to wake up before sunrise , have breakfast , do prayers and are not allowed to eat or drink anything until sunset. Muslims all over the world don't spend the some amount of time fasting (that is period where you dont eat and drink). For example in countries like Mauritius fasting starts at 4:35am and ends around 6:30pm as we are in summer and our days are longer than those in winter countries where the fasting is definitively less.

Roza lasts one full moon cycle which is more or less a month time. You would think that people lose weight when fasting although in some cases thats indeed what happens however many people actually gain in weight or dont lose wieght at all!!! Unbelieveable but true , there's 2 reasons for that :

1. At the end of the day , in most families we make lots of cakes , delicous food and the famous alouda (which is milk and sirop) to drink. This is like a reward to the fast keeper .. but there is an overdose at times with all these goodies.

2. The time at which you would normally have breakfast and dinner changes not to forget that the time where you would normally have lunch DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE! So this creates a stomach clock disbalance(dont look up in the dictionary .. i just made it up).

But roza is cool :P , people tend to be more calm , patient and comprehensive. Roza ends normally when the new moon is seen and the next day we celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr . Then we eat briani but thats another blog entry and we are still on the 2nd day of fasting ..hehehe.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

30 gig email service

New mail service is out from 30gigs which provides a 30Gb mail box. Its not something really exciting in terms of mailbox size , i have like a dozen gmail accounts and use around less than 4% of my 2GB space , however whats interesting is the interface.

Lets see what this service will have to offer to compete against Gmail and Goowy.

Currently registration is not available , you can get 30Gigs mail only via invitation. So if you happen to have a spare invitation , please send it my way :P .

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Dangers of popularity

Since the pass week my blog has been the constant victim of blog spammers , if you see such comments as "Hey nice blog , ...please visit".. well these commenters are the source of my nightmare.

So i decided to turn on word verification on my blog. Spammers prey for bloggers which have a good net presence in the attempt to have their adds indexed on search engines.

There mush have been around 80 spam comments registed on my blog now , already removed a few.
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Goowy Calendar Beta

Goowy has released yet another feature in Goowy Mail , the calendar. Now i must say these guys surpassed themselves . It looks like a normal calendar except that its in flash of course and that means nice little effects which makes it look really professional.

Am seriously thinking of using it for my every day appointment schedules as its really one excellent tool.

There are really stuffs which AJAX wont be able to do like Flash and Goowy is an excellant application to demonstrate that.

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Yahoo Instant Search

Still in beta , Yahoo Instant Search allows you to visualize what could be the expected results of your search even before hinting the "Search" button.

Seems a a good idea for those people that find it hard to write and wait for the 0.000004secs it takes to move their mouse to the search button and left-click.
...hmmm.. anwyays it makes use of AJAX and once again this demonstrates the craze around this techno.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bunny lets you know when you get Mail

This bunny moves its ears and lights up whenever you get a new mail ... itsn't that the greatest invention ever??

Its WIFI enabled so you can place it anywhere and is 23cm tall.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cyborg Name Generator

Generator your own cyborg name with the cyborg name generator , you can also choose an avatar.
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Infotech 2005

Infotech 2005 registration has already started and the event is due in November. Some years back lets say 5-6 years ago , this used to be a very hyped event where many companies used to compete to provide the best pc equipments at the lowest possible prices.Actually many companies would get the most clients during this interval.

The show would attract many people and just the sight of the number of visitors and cars parked around Mer Rouge itself showed how popular the event was.

However since a few years Infotech doesn't seem to attract visitors , the stands are almost empty and very few items are actually on sale. There are more and more institutions trying to sell IT based training and less and less companies selling pc equipment which is a shame.

Its really heart breaking that such an event would lose its magnitude , I even wonder if am gonna take the trouble of going there in the first place this year. I think the organisers should do more to attract the crowds and allow small companies to enter the event with less registration fees as it is these companies which attract pc / gadget consumers by their low price tags on goods.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Batman Begins the review

I watched Batman Begins during the weekend , i found it completely different from all the versions of batman i had seen so far.

The story starts showing bruce wayne feeling guilty for the death of his parents due to his fear of bats. Gradually he is taught how to master his fears and guilty by a character called Raz-Al-Gool.

This batman saga is more dark than previous versions and definitively more realistic. Christian Bale really gives a performance matching the expections that one would have of a terrorized orphan that turns into a super-hero.

One bad point about the movie is unfortunately the lack of spectacular fight scenes that is so demanded for superhero movies. But still i really appreciated it .
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

DesktopX or how to enhance your windows experience

DesktopX allows you to create cool applications that reside on your desktop may it be an rss feed reader or simply a swimming fish , the possibilities are numerous.

You can get it from stardock as a 13MB download, going through the documention i see that its using VBScript as scripting language which is fairly easy to learn and apply.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog of an avocado tree

Thats an intelligent idea , we had blogs about everything but not about our dear plants , really you should try this out faisal's Diary of an Avocado tree.

Given the speed at which an avocado tree grows i bet you will get some really nice entries until we get to reap the fruits. Some nice photos are available at this time its only about 2 months old. We learn that our avocado friend migrated from Mauritius as a seed and now lives and grows in England.

It also likes eating a blue thing but that's up to your to find out what it is hehehhe.

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5 blades for Gillette

These are one of the things that litterally change your life ... 5 bladed Gillette razor called fusion, wow its even much better looking than the Mach3 series and the Quatro.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Claiming my feedster account :P

No Need to Click Here - I'm just claiming my feed at Feedster

Reunion Island Photos

I posted the reunion photos on flickr for you to watch. I think its much more convenient there than posting them directly on blogger .

Here is the link :

Points to know about reunion island is that it is really mountainous , nothing like Mauritius. Actually i always thought that it would ressemble a bit like France but thats totally false , flat liveable land is scarce there.

There is also a lot of erosion problems and everywhere you see metallic structures used to stop erosion and stop rocks from stumbling down mountains, hills or cliffs.

Unfortunately sandy beaches are almost absent on the island , as there is not much coral reefs surrounding it which further accentuates the erosion process.

The beauty of Reunion is high up in the mountains , the villages are gorgeous and ressemble a lot to swiss landscape . There is also Piton de la fournaise which is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. However it was not active when we went to see it.

The voyage to the volcano makes you discover some breathtaking scenery , which looks absolutely moon-like , its really surprising . The roads are curvy and reddish just like a red carpet . Do take breaks when you there as you might easily get stomach and ear problems due to pressure difference as can be seen by this lays packet , which is inflated like a balloon (thats my dad's hand :P).

Shopping is not something i would recommend anyone to do , as everything seems to be expensive . On the roads be prepared to see a lot of french cars , most people there own one but they seem all to buy the same make citroen and renault.

The houses are not so modern there are loads of old creole houses with very bright colours which are really attractive to look at.

Bring warm clothes as it is really cold high up in the mountains and do take biscuits and stuffs to eat although there are a lot of shops and restaurants even 5000km above sea-level.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to Mauritius

Am back just 3 hours ago , my health is much better now , although thats kind of strange cause i stayed in the cold , drank chilled stuffs and didn't take much medecine. Anyway what counts is that i had real fun on reunion island.

The ship usually takes about 12 hours to get there and i boarded on the Trochatia , which is not very big but the cabins are quiet comfortable. I took a lot of pictures with my mobile , i'll post them tommorrow cause i dont have my mobile cable at home.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Flu i hate U

Woke up yesterday and i had a sore throat , today is no better and tommorrow am supposed to go on cruise to Reunion island (another island very next to Mauritius).

Man am sure am gonna enjoy this trip with my 37 degrees headache and my blocked nose . HOHOHO and a bottle of KoughKiller. Whats annoying with all these medications is that you end up in a really sleepy condition now that can be good when you are at home but when you are in the office and you know that day is going to be long .. i mean very long then there is reason to panic.

Just hope tommorrow i won't end up sea sick along with being influenzied (hmmm dont know if that word exists but if doesnt then am the first to have found it :P ...heheeh... i feel like Columbus now :P )

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Microsoft's is a brilliant way to start your day , the draggable tiles allow you to place your blocks the way you want it to be or close blocks which you don't want to use.

It comes with engadget and boingboing rss feeds by default , but you can customize and add your own favorite feeds , not that i would do such a thing . There is also a staff picks section which shows all the best on the web.

The interface itself is easy to navigate and its using AJAX which is mondo cool and trendy.

On top of that you get to see dilbert comics!!!!

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Flickr Tag fighter

FlickrTagFighter site allows you to compare the popularity between flickr tags , it also returns you a set of photos related to the tags names your insert.

Usage is simple and you can do loads of fights and get really nice pictures out of it.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Urban Dead the free browser based game

You got good internet access , you like playing free online mutiplayer games , try considering Urban Dead. By the way the name is cool .. already 65,352 dead and rising.

You can start as a military man , doctor or zombie corpse , you roam about the city collecting items , points etc.. . The registration is free and its kind of fun if you dont mind having a screen filled with boxes and numbers instead of actual graphics and images.

The creator of the game Kevan Davis has created other such games have a look at his website .

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Google vs Katrina

In an effort to help people after hurricane Katrina , google maps has been updated with a new button named Katrina which allows users of google maps to see the extent of the damage caused by the hurricane.

The above picture shows the louisiana superdome damaged by Katrina.

Lets hope the people of louisine get help in due time and losses are minized at best. No news of our friend Book , hope he managed to get to safety and that he's doing fine.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Holidays la tortura!

Am currently on holidays and am having great fun watching all the junk serials on Canal + Satellite , mondo cool .. apart from that there isn't much i could do since everyone else is working ..thanks people.

Well a least i was able to roam the island a bit by bus , buy some clothes ,check my mails once or twice and do some sport ...or sort of.

On sunday (yesterday) , i went to the port-louis bazaar , hadn't been there since a while things had changed with new stalls , its cleaner , nicer and a tiny-weenee bit more modern.

My pc on the other hand is giving me a sweat ,there are so many viruses on the old horse that its kind of a pain to surf and that to on a 56kb modem , god knows why am still hanging on to it.

Book has been blogging about katrina , the hurricane , have a look at his blog, hope everything goes well for you brother.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blog anniversary

Its already a year since i started this blog and i must admit that i never thought that i would get over 8000 hits nor that people would be interested with all the stuffs that i write about during my free time. Anyways i would like to thank all of you who have come regularly on my little space on the net, thanks a lot guys and gurls.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Animation blogs

There are a number of animation blogs out there as pointed out on blogware.

Just had a look at the blog from pixar studio. You will get to see all the latest animation movies in preparation.

Also other blogs to visit : Cold Hard Flash,Cartoon Brew, Family Guy

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Goowy updates

Enhanced features on Goowy today :

#New RSS widget in goowy (re)
#Higher qaulity text and image rendering
#New skins
#New games

I particularly like the rss feed feed manager , which has a really nice interface. Goowy now looks like a proper application.

Thanks to Alex Bard , CEO Goowy , for the notification ;) .

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Google making jabber popular

Jabber has existed as an IM communication protocol for quiet some time now , but it never really got the popularity it deserved. I remembered installing exodus and other Jabber clients to find that non of my friends nor relatives were really keen in using it mostly because it was really painful to use as compared to msn messenger or yahoo messenger.

But overnight the interest for Jabber has suddenly risen because of Google , its really interesting to see how a company can help brush off the dust accumulated over Jabber technology. Points to ponder are do we find a tool or software cool really because the company providing it is trendy? Its just like NIKE shoes , the shoe might have a really dumb design but people still buy it because of the logo , so are we using google products because it has the "Google" sign attached to it?

Google allows you to make free calls , yeah thats cool but you can also make free pc calls using msn messenger , so whats the big deal . On top of that right now i still can't connect to their server which adds to my frustration :P.

Another thing is google is allowing users to connect to their Jabber server using any decent compliant Jabber client , inlcuding home-made google talk, there seems to be a catch here .. I mean whats the point ? Where does google cash the money? There's no advert + more money will have to be spent for administration of their Jabber servers ..

Lastly i believe that there needs to be more innovation for people to swap their msn , yahoo messenger or aim clients for google talk. I personnally can't find myself leaving my msn for google talk , because right now msn still (unfortunately) outclasses most IMs in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

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Authentication error on Google Talk

This is so absolutely annoying i rushed to my pc to download Google talk only to find that am getting a Server cannot be authenticated error message. Imagine my disappointment, maybe its a problem with network on my office LAN so i will have to digg through it or try the IM at home.

Anyways thanks J.Cousin for the Google talk invite :P .

Google talk is spreading like fire in an internet full of chopped dry Instant Messengers...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk IM available for download

Google talk , google's instant messanger is available for download. I am right now joining a meeting so i can't review for the moment but in the afternoon be sure i will have tested most of the functionalities.

According to google you are allowed to perform free voice conversations using Google Talk so this sure is going to be direct competition to Skype .

Google IM here we come!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Windows Vista Installation

Windows Vista promises to offer a nicer and simpler GUI for its installation as it can be seen from the pics as reported by this neowin article.

Frankly i always thought that Windows XP had already a really easy interface as far as installation was concerned , could it get any easier :) ?

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Friday, August 19, 2005 provides you hillarous , strange and fun news 24 hours a day 7 days a week , make sure you dont miss it.

Its an ali baba cave of jokes and funny news , you'll spends hours reading all the stuffs submitted by people all round the globosphere.

Some samples:
- Guy goes for naked swim with girlfriend. Coast Guard alarmed by pile of clothes on beach. Hilarity ensues.

- Tom Hanks stalker builds replica Apollo 13 module and invites star for breakfast.

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