Friday, July 29, 2005

The website of everything

Yes you are not dreaming there is actually thewebsiteofeverything. However the definition of everything is limited to only mammals .. a website dedicated to providing a wide array of information on mammals of all sort .

This is something i would have liked when i was in primary school .. although there was no internet at that time.

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MCM virus removal solution

Lately i got a virus called MCM it is detected as an ".exe" with allows the mcm suffix appended to it, you can get it in the form of mcm.exe , mcm[1].exe ,etc...

Although i had Symantec Antivirus and the Microsoft Anti-Spyware installed, both were unable to remove it on my system. After a few searches i came across this page , which explained how to remove the crap out of my pc using hijackthis.

Hijackthis did identify mcm in its log but that too didn't help to remove it , so i had a look at the running processes and there was one "system.mcm" . I first had to terminate the process and then had to go to windows directory where there was a copy of this "system.mcm" file stored. Next step was to delete this "system.mcm" file.

That did it , nothing better than a hand to hand combat with a virus.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Make your own Google logo

Fancy having google logo with your name? Well this is possible with the Google Logo Maker .

You just write what you want to put as "google" logo and presto ! I know it has absolutely no usefulness but still its fun ..

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Make your own star wars intergalatic spaceship

Watched Star Wars Episode 3 yesterday : Revenge of the Sith . Coooooooooooooool movie with loads of yummy animations.

Just found this forum where fanatics write about how they create their model star wars spaceships , whats surpring is that some of these models can actually fly!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Msn virtual earth beta version out

Just tried to find mauritius using the new virtual earth map service from msn.Well according to the search result , Mauritius does not exist or has not been discovered yet!

Being on a 56kb dial-up line did not help things out , it takes ages for the page tiles to load , I wouldn't recommend any of you to navigate a map if you are not on broadband.

I am very much disappointed by the interface offered by msn , there is however a new feature called the "locate me" which is useful when you get lost somewhere between africa and alaska. Or if you don't on which continent you currently are due to amnesia or something or better if you are a secret agent and it happened that they shipped you somewhere without telling you where.

Now there are 2 ways to get msn to find you . The first one being to install a software on your pc thank you and the second method is to having msn analyse your ip.. i prefer this option . However msn was unable to find me ....logical since they have not discovered Mauritius yet!

My recommendation use Google Maps instead , its faster and nicer to use from my perspective .

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Longhorn out - Vista in

According to the official website of Microsoft the name of the next version of Windows has been changed from Longhorn to Windows Vista.

Here is the video of the announcement of the new Windows Vista. I would have prefered they kept it Longhorn , it was much more mysterious and charming than Vista .. well hasta la vista Lonhorn.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Desert Island Downloads

What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island....given that you got broadband connection allowing you to download any software on the net, (lets say its a cyber-desert-island and WIFI-enabled using solar panels to power up your laptop). Which programs would you choose to download?

The C-net staff put to the question have given out some answers. Its funny and at the same time you get to discover new downloads.

full story

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Samsung SCH-v740

Isn't this new Samsung mobile , the Samsung SCH-v740, really wicked? .. although it does look like the Motorola Razr.

Actually when you have a very very not so close look ,its almost identical to the Razr!

As a picture is worth a thousand words , here is 3000 words to prove it:

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Optimus Wireless Keyboard

Behold the next generation of Keyboards , the russian Optimus wireless Keyboard has buttons that light up to your touch , is open source and comes with an SDK + keyboard studio application . It allows its user to customize its buttons and has a nice ...standard design .. ok thats a minus point...apart from the buttons that light up!

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Tuning Mania

Its finally hitting Mauritian roads , the tuning mania has begun. More and more people are interested in getting their cars revamped Fast and Furious style which is absolutely delightful to watch on the streets.

Just yesterday i came across this site Le Concept Car , kinda of cool and sets you directly into the tuning world.

Its the Concept Car tuning shop's website online (based at Q.Bornes ,Mauritius). I didn't see any prices though on the alloy wheels that would have been interesting. Still its worth the visit.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Watching Hurricane Dennis live

Ever wondered how a hurricane looked liked whislt looking out of your window off pensacola in florida USA , well that is possible , even if you are not in Florida! Thanks to the webcams installed on Pensacola people from all over the world can witness this whirpool of wind and rain. The picture above shows the image of

To get the latest images click here .

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LongHorn Beta

Beta testing of Microsft LongHorn have started. Only a select few individuals will have access to the beta version of LongHorn, the rest will have to wait until next year.

LongHorn will feature the next version of internet explorer , IE7.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

All about sega , birds , creole in MRU

Just found a few interesing websites related to Mauritius:

1. Sega music from Mauritius : Songs are proposed along with nice pictures and descriptions of the origins of our good old sega songs.

2. Birds of Mauritius : Have a look at all the native birds of the island , most of which like the kestrel and pink pigeon are in danger of extinction.

3. Kreol : A good "dictionary" to start learning creol which is the most spoken language on the island.

4. Encyclopedia Mauritiana : one of the first Mauritian Online Encylopedias


Antenne Reunion and Navin Ramgoolam

Last week i was watching french news on our sister island's channel Antenne Reunion and i was really surprised to see that these guys which seemed to be providing professional information did not even know how the name of our Mauritian prime minister was spelt.

They kep saying Navin Rangoolam whilst his name is Navin Ramgoolam on top of that it was written as Rangoolam on the headlines .... humm wow such professionalism. Either they really dont care about us or its really a typing mistake.

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Scotland yard seeking video footage

According to , uk police is seeking footage taken by camera amateurs or mobile phone users on the crime scenes of the london bombing. These can prove to be valuable source of information in their investigations. These footage can be sent to the following address : .

Yesterday i was really sad to see that there was one Mauritian who might have dissapeared in the london bombings , we can really can not imagine what her friends , relatives and family must be going through.

These barbaric acts of terrorism should definitively be put to a stop , its just not permissible to have a bomb exploding every 12 months anywhere in the world. Its really revolting. This is to say that no one will feel safe anymore and this is not something which can be tolerated.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombing of 7th July 05

Like many Mauritians I was really horrified to learn that there had been a terrorist attack killing 37 and wounding 700 innocent civilians. There are loads of Mauritians in london and our immediate reaction here have been to contact as many as possible to see if they were ok.

Its really depressing to see that every year there is always a bunch of idiots out there who kill innocent individuals just because they want to get themselves heard and whats worst is that as they strike in the dark its always others that get blamed for such actions.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Windows through the ages

I have tried loads of OS over the years but the one which i found really easy to use and does meets it purpose as an OS has always been Microsoft Windows , people can always say the Unix/Linux variants are free and just as cool but we have to be realistic there is definitely much more support towards Windows than any other OS on the market.

I have worked with Windows 3.0 , Windows NT/95/98 , Windows 2000 , Windows Millenium , Windows XP and i just can't wait for end 2006 to get my copy of Windows Longhorn.

If you are one of those people who started using your pc after 2000 you probably never saw the versions which came before Windows Millenium and 2000 so here is a site which provides screenshots of those nostalgic years of rapid evolution, where everything was different and harder and dos prevailed.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Web Beta - Bookmark service from Yahoo

Just tried Yahoo's My Web 1.0 BETA . This service from google yahoo allows you to save your bookmarks online. So far it was able to import my firefox bookmarks successfully.

This feature can be really cool if for example you have important bookmarks at work and you want to get them when switch to another pc at home or elsewhere. You can share your bookmarks with other people and be able to search them easily.

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First Zombie dogs already created

According to , the first zombies are already amongst us and they not only come from the dead but also bark and wag their tails! Yes .. zombie dogs!

These form part of an experiment to re-animate bodies after removing their blood and injecting saline solutions in them. The purpose of such a procedure is to be able to preserve body tissues and organs of patients in cases where these patients are losing lots of blood and need to be preserved until taken to hospital for example in battlefields.

The first trials are already a success with dogs being put to death and re-animated
a few hours later.

Read full story

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Alliance Social winner of 2005 elections

So the counting is over and the winner is Alliance Social . Navin Ramgoolam is now our Prime Minister for 5 years.

Am right now at the cybercity , it seems that there is a giant congestion in port-louis and I have absolutely no idea at what time am gonna be back home ..yikes :S .

Election results can be found on the government portal :

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Election results for Mauritian electoral campaign 2005

So today is big day for many fellow Mauritians ,who of the parties will win the elections 2005 is still a mystery. But my guess it will be either MSM/MMM (current ruling party) or Alliance Sociale.

Yesterday was voting day most voting centers recorded between 75 and 85% attendees , which is quiet good although i do wonder what the 20% remaining were doing.. :) .There apparently was not too much trouble , I went voting around 3pm many people like me prefered having lunch first before heading to the voting centres.

It was rather calm there 200 meters off voting center premises there were both MSM/MM and Alliance Sociale activitist sitting in front of each other or rather ignoring each other. Lots of young people in the locality were among them which was quiet surprising to me.

Right now the counting is about to start , results will be obtained by the end of the day.

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