Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sukhoi 27 Cobra fighter planes

We have gone very far away from top gun style airplanes :P.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

The Borat movie is definitively a must see , although am sure we not gonna get that on cinema in Mauritius .

Will have to get the DVD as soon as its out its really too hilarious.

Find below the Borat interview :P:

By the way did you know that Borat had a fan , from Kazahstan ?

Eid Mubarak and my best wishes

Just came back from Eid prayer , i'd like to wish you all Eid Mubarak. Roza 2006 is now over the fasting has ended.

Today many muslim households will be cooking the traditional biryani. My mom is a known expert for that but however I never managed to understand when and how to place the ingredients :P .

What I do know is that you need to fry your onions (cut in thin rings) and your potatoes (just peeled , not need to cut it any futher) beforehand.

Then you need to place your meat, chicken , fish or whatever else you want to add to your biryani at the bottom of your cooking vessel. Marinate the whole with "ti anis" and herbs and ...(thats where i forget what to add) ... and blablahblah... everyone has his own version for the marination.

On a seperate fire boil your basmati rice , get rid of the water ...without burning yourself..thats important.

Place the boiled rice on top of your marination , cover and seal . Let to cook on a medium fire.

OOooh , you need to open up the vessel again cause i forgot to tell you that you need to add jaffran for yellow colouring ...hhehehhe... sorry about that.

Now your ready for a traditional biryani meal which you eat for lunch and dinner .. in my case its the next day too. Whats good with the biryani is that the longer you keep it , strangely the better it tastes .. however dont try eating a 4 days old biryani.... not recommended.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dove Evolution - Raise your self esteem

This youttube video called Dove Evolution speaks for itself.

Thats the way i like campaigns to be :) .

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wish u a happy Divali

Happy divali to all of ya .. please make sure i get my cakes on monday though ..even though i will be fasting :P


Alien loves Predator

More comic strips at AlienLovesPredator.com .

Friday, October 20, 2006

Now officially online 24hrs a day

I just got My.T installed at home and i must admit that it simply rocks ... the joys of being online 24 hours a day for only a little over a thousand rupees per month.......wicked!!!!!!!!!!!


My room now look absolutely hyped up with a cool powered up PC connected to ADSL and my TV connected to the digital tuner box.

I can hardly hide my joyyy ...blastingly goooooooooooooooooood!

Aston Martin in Mauritius

Just got the news from L'express this morning , HM Rawat and Leal have made up a company that will sell luxury vehicules in Mauritius.

Some models that will be provided include the Aston Martin , Porsche and Ferrari. Its absolutely thrilling to see these beasts on our roads.

However the article mentions that the vehicles need to be ordered a year in advance . In the case of the legendery bond car do expect the price to soar up to 7 million rupees and guess what our Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam just bought himself one ..lucky dude!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Enter the N95

Just as am having a look at the N93 Nokia is already announcing the N95 (.. dont know the actual release date though).

With a 5M Pixel camera , the N95 has already got its community of fanatics worldwide. This is one smartphone am definitively gonna follow the coming months .

Check out the details of the phone allaboutsymbian and Nokia website .

Power your enterprise from a container

Initially found out about the Black Box project from Eddy Young , on his blog entry.

The idea as Sun suggests is simple and innovative and the recipe is as follows take your average everyday shipping container , wash it up , do some electrical wiring , install some racks , place your servers , routers and switches weave everything up in a network and there you have the utilmate power house the BLACK BOX.

And to tell you the truth its a rocking good idea . Now Sun has less hassel when it has to ship servers world-wide. However I do wonder how practical it is if your company is on the nth floor of some building , would the Black Box go through the elevator ...or the stairs :p .

Some interesting popential uses of the Black Box have already emerged on the net .

Thursday, October 12, 2006

N93 Arrived in Dodo land

Nokia N93 has arrived in our stores or more precisely at Cash and Carry where its being sold off at Rs 25,900 something + VAT which is quiet a lot of money.

I mailed the guys at HM Rawat but didnt get any response back , preciously they told me that the N93 would arrive in mid -August this year.

Am still wondering whether I should get it coz of the prize. I was at Cash and Carry on Saturday to buy a Dual Core PC with 1GB RAM , cost around Rs 34,000 + VAT and the quality of the product I received in return was really not what I was expecting. The casing which looked great on the shelves , suddenly revealed that it was not something really strong and my keyboard is already broken the keys get stuck inside.

Mind you the thing does not come with Windows XP , so you actually need to install Windows yourself or alternately have Cash and Carry install it for you for a mere Rs 2000 something :S .

But the Dual Core Processor at 3.+ GHz is quiet nice to work with thus am not complaning too much coz thats the main thing else I would be depressing too much.

However I took the opportunity to ask to see the N93 , there was one guy there that said something about having it in the back store and whether I would take it immediately. That sounded stupid to me given the price I would expect to have a proper look at the object. I told him so and he said well maybe they were out of stock (as they sold one this morning...) but he readily hushered me to a pc and typed the url to the N-Series N93 specs page where he was dumb struck himself by the spec details of the N93. That was really annoying , me who had thought that I could have a look at last at the phone arrrrrg.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Summer is here

Had to blog about this
its damn hot at nite ,
falling asleep becomes an eternal fight,

mosquitoes have started flying high ,
creating chaos to most newspapers' delight,

children play here and there ,
and the beaches are full everywhere,

time and again i look at the dates,
but all that my calendar states,
is that summer is here to stay.

That was a dumb poetic tentative wasn't it loool ;)?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mondial auto 2006 and prototypes

Every car fanatic would know it if you happen to be in Paris until the 15th of October make sure to put Paris Expo , Porte de Versailles , on your travel map coz thats where you will find all the new models coming out from the different makes this year.

If however you are like me far away from "La Replublique" well there is only one alternative satellite .. M6 around 6:30pm on Sundays will give you insight on the different models being exposed and all the new trends in the motorvehicle industry.

The Mondial is also the opportunity to view some of the coolest prototypes on the market like the cool and feline Peugeot 908 which comes in 2 versions one is the sedan which is a real beast and technology-wise it rocks with PDA-controlled door locking and bluetooth enabled environment with touch screeens displays on board to control your habitat.The other version of the P 908 is going to be used for the "24hr du Mans" and is a race car.

Citroen's C-Metisse as its name implies offers a hybrid propulsion system that combines conventional petrol and electric motors to run this baby.

The Audi 2008 is also one of my favorites with its fast and furious style design and it does look like Will Smith's Audi in I-Robot.

There's a link to the new cars on displays http://www.caranddriver.com/autoshows/8672/2006-paris-motor-show.html.. thanks ashna :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hotmail and Yahoo have a facelift

The mail providers Yahoo and Hotmail have yet again upgraded their service to keep their heads out of the water in the battle of who will dominate the email arena.

Yahoo Mail Beta offers a very interesting and user-friendly interface that makes reading your inbox quiet an enjoyable experience.

The downside is the connection speed and the tons of gimmicks and adverts that fill up your screen at times but on the overall I like it a lot.

Hotmail on the other hand , re-branded Windows Live Mail , offers a new interface too , although I would tend to prefer the Yahoo one. It is however customizable but right now you can get Live Mail only if you have registered for beta version testing...which i did ;).

Unfortunately Microsoft's baby also suffers from being sluggish , you get this annoying "Request being processsed" messaged being displayed whenever you click on a link and that just spoils the fun.

Both Live Mail and Yahoo Mail now make use of AJAX-like gimmicks , normally I would have thought that this should have decreased loading time of pages but its suprising to find that both mail providers warn their customers that if you want to use the AJAX version of their interface , it is recommended that you have a broadband connection!!

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