Sunday, September 25, 2005

Goowy Calendar Beta

Goowy has released yet another feature in Goowy Mail , the calendar. Now i must say these guys surpassed themselves . It looks like a normal calendar except that its in flash of course and that means nice little effects which makes it look really professional.

Am seriously thinking of using it for my every day appointment schedules as its really one excellent tool.

There are really stuffs which AJAX wont be able to do like Flash and Goowy is an excellant application to demonstrate that.

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Yahoo Instant Search

Still in beta , Yahoo Instant Search allows you to visualize what could be the expected results of your search even before hinting the "Search" button.

Seems a a good idea for those people that find it hard to write and wait for the 0.000004secs it takes to move their mouse to the search button and left-click.
...hmmm.. anwyays it makes use of AJAX and once again this demonstrates the craze around this techno.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bunny lets you know when you get Mail

This bunny moves its ears and lights up whenever you get a new mail ... itsn't that the greatest invention ever??

Its WIFI enabled so you can place it anywhere and is 23cm tall.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cyborg Name Generator

Generator your own cyborg name with the cyborg name generator , you can also choose an avatar.
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Infotech 2005

Infotech 2005 registration has already started and the event is due in November. Some years back lets say 5-6 years ago , this used to be a very hyped event where many companies used to compete to provide the best pc equipments at the lowest possible prices.Actually many companies would get the most clients during this interval.

The show would attract many people and just the sight of the number of visitors and cars parked around Mer Rouge itself showed how popular the event was.

However since a few years Infotech doesn't seem to attract visitors , the stands are almost empty and very few items are actually on sale. There are more and more institutions trying to sell IT based training and less and less companies selling pc equipment which is a shame.

Its really heart breaking that such an event would lose its magnitude , I even wonder if am gonna take the trouble of going there in the first place this year. I think the organisers should do more to attract the crowds and allow small companies to enter the event with less registration fees as it is these companies which attract pc / gadget consumers by their low price tags on goods.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Batman Begins the review

I watched Batman Begins during the weekend , i found it completely different from all the versions of batman i had seen so far.

The story starts showing bruce wayne feeling guilty for the death of his parents due to his fear of bats. Gradually he is taught how to master his fears and guilty by a character called Raz-Al-Gool.

This batman saga is more dark than previous versions and definitively more realistic. Christian Bale really gives a performance matching the expections that one would have of a terrorized orphan that turns into a super-hero.

One bad point about the movie is unfortunately the lack of spectacular fight scenes that is so demanded for superhero movies. But still i really appreciated it .
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

DesktopX or how to enhance your windows experience

DesktopX allows you to create cool applications that reside on your desktop may it be an rss feed reader or simply a swimming fish , the possibilities are numerous.

You can get it from stardock as a 13MB download, going through the documention i see that its using VBScript as scripting language which is fairly easy to learn and apply.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog of an avocado tree

Thats an intelligent idea , we had blogs about everything but not about our dear plants , really you should try this out faisal's Diary of an Avocado tree.

Given the speed at which an avocado tree grows i bet you will get some really nice entries until we get to reap the fruits. Some nice photos are available at this time its only about 2 months old. We learn that our avocado friend migrated from Mauritius as a seed and now lives and grows in England.

It also likes eating a blue thing but that's up to your to find out what it is hehehhe.

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5 blades for Gillette

These are one of the things that litterally change your life ... 5 bladed Gillette razor called fusion, wow its even much better looking than the Mach3 series and the Quatro.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Claiming my feedster account :P

No Need to Click Here - I'm just claiming my feed at Feedster

Reunion Island Photos

I posted the reunion photos on flickr for you to watch. I think its much more convenient there than posting them directly on blogger .

Here is the link :

Points to know about reunion island is that it is really mountainous , nothing like Mauritius. Actually i always thought that it would ressemble a bit like France but thats totally false , flat liveable land is scarce there.

There is also a lot of erosion problems and everywhere you see metallic structures used to stop erosion and stop rocks from stumbling down mountains, hills or cliffs.

Unfortunately sandy beaches are almost absent on the island , as there is not much coral reefs surrounding it which further accentuates the erosion process.

The beauty of Reunion is high up in the mountains , the villages are gorgeous and ressemble a lot to swiss landscape . There is also Piton de la fournaise which is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. However it was not active when we went to see it.

The voyage to the volcano makes you discover some breathtaking scenery , which looks absolutely moon-like , its really surprising . The roads are curvy and reddish just like a red carpet . Do take breaks when you there as you might easily get stomach and ear problems due to pressure difference as can be seen by this lays packet , which is inflated like a balloon (thats my dad's hand :P).

Shopping is not something i would recommend anyone to do , as everything seems to be expensive . On the roads be prepared to see a lot of french cars , most people there own one but they seem all to buy the same make citroen and renault.

The houses are not so modern there are loads of old creole houses with very bright colours which are really attractive to look at.

Bring warm clothes as it is really cold high up in the mountains and do take biscuits and stuffs to eat although there are a lot of shops and restaurants even 5000km above sea-level.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to Mauritius

Am back just 3 hours ago , my health is much better now , although thats kind of strange cause i stayed in the cold , drank chilled stuffs and didn't take much medecine. Anyway what counts is that i had real fun on reunion island.

The ship usually takes about 12 hours to get there and i boarded on the Trochatia , which is not very big but the cabins are quiet comfortable. I took a lot of pictures with my mobile , i'll post them tommorrow cause i dont have my mobile cable at home.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Flu i hate U

Woke up yesterday and i had a sore throat , today is no better and tommorrow am supposed to go on cruise to Reunion island (another island very next to Mauritius).

Man am sure am gonna enjoy this trip with my 37 degrees headache and my blocked nose . HOHOHO and a bottle of KoughKiller. Whats annoying with all these medications is that you end up in a really sleepy condition now that can be good when you are at home but when you are in the office and you know that day is going to be long .. i mean very long then there is reason to panic.

Just hope tommorrow i won't end up sea sick along with being influenzied (hmmm dont know if that word exists but if doesnt then am the first to have found it :P ...heheeh... i feel like Columbus now :P )

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Microsoft's is a brilliant way to start your day , the draggable tiles allow you to place your blocks the way you want it to be or close blocks which you don't want to use.

It comes with engadget and boingboing rss feeds by default , but you can customize and add your own favorite feeds , not that i would do such a thing . There is also a staff picks section which shows all the best on the web.

The interface itself is easy to navigate and its using AJAX which is mondo cool and trendy.

On top of that you get to see dilbert comics!!!!

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Flickr Tag fighter

FlickrTagFighter site allows you to compare the popularity between flickr tags , it also returns you a set of photos related to the tags names your insert.

Usage is simple and you can do loads of fights and get really nice pictures out of it.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Urban Dead the free browser based game

You got good internet access , you like playing free online mutiplayer games , try considering Urban Dead. By the way the name is cool .. already 65,352 dead and rising.

You can start as a military man , doctor or zombie corpse , you roam about the city collecting items , points etc.. . The registration is free and its kind of fun if you dont mind having a screen filled with boxes and numbers instead of actual graphics and images.

The creator of the game Kevan Davis has created other such games have a look at his website .

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Google vs Katrina

In an effort to help people after hurricane Katrina , google maps has been updated with a new button named Katrina which allows users of google maps to see the extent of the damage caused by the hurricane.

The above picture shows the louisiana superdome damaged by Katrina.

Lets hope the people of louisine get help in due time and losses are minized at best. No news of our friend Book , hope he managed to get to safety and that he's doing fine.

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