Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Check your gmail through Outlook or Thunderbird

Hi , so for those of you who prefer having your favorite email client checking for emails automatically there is one little tool called PGtGM or if your prefer "Pop Goes the GMail" .

Homepage: http://jaybe.org/info.htm

Other programs to access your other webemail (Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail...etc) from an email client:

Additional Resoures
http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net/ (You can access Yahoo mail via POP3 ...you dont have to pay antyhing ..its free and its pretty cool)

Monday, August 30, 2004

Win a Gmail competition :)

Okie people so I have 2 gmails left so if you really want one please give me the reasons why I should give one to you. Post your comments here.

Tip: try to be funny ;) ..this is my weak point

GMAIL the best email service I've seen

Ok for those of you who dont know what gmail is all about well this is a quick description of the functionalities offered:

1. First of all 1000MB space i.e 1GB space enough for you to store a lifetime's email without ever having to delete a mail again.

2. When some replies to your mail it does not come as a seperate email instead it comes as a conversation where emails from the same person is tabbed one after the other as if it was part of a chat message. I find this pretty cool , no need to have endless message entries from the same person in your mailbox instead it is grouped in one mail. The latest mail is shown first.

3. If you leave your web interface of gmail open it automatically checks your mail after a given amount of time.

The only problem with gmail right now is that it is not yet available to the public as it is still in beta testing. However google has given out invitations since the test has started so as people having a gmail invitation link can access the registration page to create their gmail account.

e.g of a gmail link http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-189c25be86-add117

I got my gmail invitation from a site called http://www.gmailswap.com where a guy (thanks man) was giving out gmail invitations in the form of a game. This site is really cool as you can post your pleas for gmail and have owners of invites reading the pleas to decide to whom to give the invitations. Its really funny the type of pleas you get to see. Some guys/gurls are swapping domains , cash , blessings in exchange of a gmail. I even saw one guy saying that he would allow someone to name his turtle if he got a gmail acount.

Other owners of gmails are actually putting gmail accounts on sale at ebay Auctions. They are being sold at 2 dollars and more . This is pretty freeky since GMail is supposed to be a free service.

GMail is becoming so popular that other services such as hotmail are rebouncing gmail invites .. so if someone is planning to send you a gmail invitation tell him to send you directly the link as your mail service provider might be discarding automatically these mails or sending them in your junk mail folder.

Yesterday I was so thrilled when I opened my mailbox I got 6 gmail invites and i still have 2 left so if you are fast enough i might send you one of them :) to you .

So dont hesistate mail me on baadaal@gmail.com

chao ,

Friday, August 27, 2004


Hi Readers,

Ok I finally got myself a place to post my views on everything. Lets get to know me a little better, so am Javed Mandary and am a Senior Programmer working for Accenture (Mauritius Ltd).

I was born in 1981 and am a graduate in Information Systems from the University of Mauritius. I live on the beautiful island of Mauritius (I bet you already figured that out) in the Indian Ocean and a am all into latest technology , JAVA , and whatever is left as interesting.