Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday at Casela

2006-09-23 - Casela 029
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Started with my friends who decided to make a list of places that we could possibly visit during the weekends since we were missing Birmingham's Bull ring so much.

We thought hey why not visit the Casela as most of us hadn't set foot there since junior school... I know that was a weird thought.. I haven't set foot in the Champs de Mars children playground too since junior school ..maybe thats where we are heading next week :P..

After a long journey through port-louis , petite-riviere and bambous .. the traffic jam ..the endless pointless humps on the roads..the shady oasis of Casela greeted us.

Didn't have much hope that it would be a really exciting day but when we saw the duckies funnily moving their little tails , we thought hey its not going to be too bad after all.

Had a really nice saturday there , the cost of the ticket is a little bit expensive at Rs200/something but hey they do have a lot of beaks to feed.

It was really hot though, the 2 tigers were hiding in the shades. There are a number of birds such as the peacock who roam freely inside the zoo , at one point we saw like 4 peacocks staring at a seagull's cage as if mockingly saying hey buddy look at us we managed to escape ..heheh...or more preciseky.. quiiiiik quiiiik quiiiiiiiik (I Know i can talk peacock now )

There a host of other animals such as wallaby , kangaroo , thousands of different bird species , gold fishes , endemic plants ,etc...

As activities there is tilapias fishing (...which you need to release them afterwards...thats dumb) , quad-biking (requires reservation and does cost quiet a lot of money) , a safari and mini-golf courses..

There was also a giant draughts set , which you can play its located just behind the restaurant.

I wanted to bring one little orange duckie with me but the thought of waking up every morning to feed it made me give up any ideas for little duckie's prison break.

Dont expect to see any noise making , ferocious wild beasts at casela but strangely its a really relaxing place to be in and you really wanna come back ..believe me.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The mobile fish

Ever felt sad looking at your favorite fishy in its bowl swirling around in its restricated space... well you wont be sad anymore after you see Mobile Fish.

Equipped with a camera at the top of the bowl which monitors your fish's movements , the camera directs wheels on which the bowl is set to turn in the corresponding direction.

However it was noted on engadget that the fish kept turning round did the bowl... must have been a tipsy fishy.

One pre-requisite though if you see your fish going towards the motorway please make sure that its got its driving license and fastened its seat belt.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Luck

At times I feel like the luckiest dude on the planet , everyday when I wake up , I check my mail I win a lottery in some far end corner of the globe like the states or the UK. People harass me so as I come collect my prize but am really so lazy..even to collect money.

At times some people send me mails about Top Secret plots in Africa and they send me all kinds of links which I must visit. I also gets loads of business ventures in this continent , I guess given the time I am receiving their kind invitation I must be knowing more people in Mozambique and Zaire than in my own country.

Last month I had a tragedy some really far relative which I never met or heard of before sent me a mail on his dying bed (... yes he had wifi in his house), in his mail he gave away all his wealth to me . Its all mentioned in the Will he scanned as attachement (..yes he had a scanner next to his dying bed).

Only mails i really cann't support are these mails about pharmaceutical products .. i say its really none of their business! :P

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fondue - Geneva

Fondue - Geneva
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Carine's flickr page here she is eating fondue alone as usual without inviting me !!!..mechant..eee!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Do you have a cold or a flu ?

Here in the southern hemisphere we are slowly preparing to greet Summer , at last the days of sneezing and coughing are going to end whilst our friends in the Nothern hemisphere will gradually have there dose of sunshine diminishing to a cold and pityless weather.

Its then the time to catch a cold or a flu. Did you know that there is actually a difference between the two and that both can be treated with off-the shelf pharmacy products instead of going to a doctor who would inevitably rip you of some bucks? However if you get an influenza and require anti-biotics you do need the prescription from a doctor , depending on local health policies in your country.

I came across a pdf explaining this whilst suffering from a acute influenza in the UK last month. It explains clearly what you should do and some very interesting facts about treating yourself when you suffer from these illnesses.

And of course don't forget to keep some tissues with you they are always really very handy ;) .


Battle Against Cold and Flu

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