Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quatres-Bornes.com has your address!!!

Guess what I was surfing the net when a friend of mine (who will stay annonymous as he is a secret agent) ,we will call him agent 000 , discovered a site called Quatre-Bornes.com , I told him :"Hey I already know this site"...which i did!

Agent 000: "Did you know its got the address of everyone above 18 living in Quatre-bones".

me: "....huh?.????????????"

So he gave me the link : http://www.quatre-bornes.com/address/az_index.php . This link really had the names of everyone living in Quatre Bornes and who were above 18 on top of that it had the residential address of these people.

Agent 000 saved the world again!!

It should be noted that this is very sensitive information and should not be made public I will contact the people behind the portal and see why they have done so without the consent of the people concerned.

Meanwhile you can verify if your name is on the list .

Topic still under investigation ...;)

Note to myself: revise my french i wrote Quatre with an s ..hmmm.

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I saw an N91

Am still trembling from the experience of seeing an N91 , Nokia's new mobile phone of the N series which actually has a hardisk that can store thousands of songs , now mind you I have been waiting a long ,long ,loooooooooooooooooooooong time to see the phone in Dodo country . My techno-geek prayers were answered when i went to Jumbo (Phoenix), there I saw the phone..my first impression was ... "woww" followed by .."huh?"... then i said "damn its big"!

Thats the most boring thing ever, in all adverts you see the phone small in the palm of a hand then the phone actually comes on the market and magically grows in dimensions , this is so lame ... shame on you Nokia !!!

'N' thats not all its really expensive Rs30,000 , man at that price i prefer buying myself a hardisk with a casing , a monitor , a keyboard , a mouse and a p4 3Ghz processor , not to forget a Voodoo Video Accelerator Card and I would still have some money to watch Fanaa at the cinema :P.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Okkaz.com rectification letter

Got a mail this morning from the owner of okkaz.com which is an FREE online auction I made a blog entry/review on this site :

----------Letter Transcript---------------------

I'm the owner of OKKAZ.COM service.

I just want to reply to your post

OKKAZ.COM is a totally free service , It is not a Mauritius site but a
French site (that's why the prices are in euro)
And I made it alone. I made the entire software ( as I made others more

So, I did'nt buy any software or licence for that. I just wanted to
offer free stuffs .

I'm an independant developper and my society make other free services.

Unfortunatly, okkaz.com is not yet used by lot of people, and there is
few submissions. But I hope it will be more popular and used by more

One time, a man say me that people witch come to okkaz.com think there
is a problem because it's totally free.
He said : "It's suspect ! None enterprise provide free services ! Maybe
it's a trap !!"

No !
It's not a trap !
Nothing to pay, just fill the form, join an image and let's go . Your
email is crypted in the source code of the page. No newsletter, no spam,
I don't sell or transmit any personal information to other society . And
I don't use your personal information for something else.

About servihoo : it's a service provided by wanadoo ( probably not
And servihoo is not the same system as okkaz.com : I'm not working for
wanadoo .

Well wish you luck buddy and hope that you get a better audience in the days to come.Let us know how we can help you get started ;) .

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Chup Chup ke

Got the album its brilliant love it and here you get the review from my friend Gianysh Toolsee (his the expert on desi flicks n songs). My favorite song is Dil Vich by the way ;) .

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Preparing for the weekend

This weekend am going to rock the roads in my car , drive through the Mauritian landscape at 10km/hr .. I know thats not very fast but hey how fast can u drive on Mauritian roads without having to stop at a traffic light , round-about or having an idiot motorcyclists (they are my worst enemies now!!) who rides just in the middle of the street in front of you ...or even worst than a motorcyclist a LEARNER (described as an idiot who drives a car with a big L sign and spends all his/her money to another intelligent and diaboliq car instructor).

Well thats my plan for the weekend , whats yours ? ..heuh what did i hear ..watching cartoons on MBC 1 .. what plan ..awesome!

Anyways happens that I found another cool blog Nienke 's blog , really nice from which i got the Which Sport Car are you Quizz ? and guess what am a Chevrolet Corvette , at first i was so happy man god have you seen a chevrolet corvette ... well obviously you haven't but its a really wicked car. Then I saw the result of all the results so far for the quiz:

Ferrari 360: 155015 (10%)
Lamborghini Murcielago: 105598 (7%)
Mazda Miata: 101095 (6%)
Honda S2000: 38601 (2%)
Dodge Viper: 88255 (6%)
Chevrolet Corvette: 421804 (27%)
Porsche 911: 232253 (15%)
Mazda RX-8: 95460 (6%)
Porsche Boxster: 23402 (1%)
Audi TT: 35460 (2%)
Mercedes SLK: 68389 (4%)
Ford Mustang: 140061 (9%)
Lotus Elise: 42007 (3%)
Nissan 350Z: 40514 (3%)

Damn it hit me , there are so many people like me out there 27% are chevrolet corvette ..thats so common ..brrr .. wish i was a Porsche Boxster.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

XMen 3 Last Stand

They are back for a final battle against ...god knows what they fight against... and they will win .. hopefully on the 26th of May.

In the meantime you can preview the trailer or visit the official website .

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Windows Media Player 11 download

Windows Media Player 11 is to be out this week and is expected to bring more goodies to Windows' star entertainement unit.

I use media player a lot so its gonna be fun trying something new for a change. Anyways if you are in a hurry to get your hands on media player 11 , you can download it from softpedia here .

Get user comments and reactions from here .

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