Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I saw an N91

Am still trembling from the experience of seeing an N91 , Nokia's new mobile phone of the N series which actually has a hardisk that can store thousands of songs , now mind you I have been waiting a long ,long ,loooooooooooooooooooooong time to see the phone in Dodo country . My techno-geek prayers were answered when i went to Jumbo (Phoenix), there I saw the phone..my first impression was ... "woww" followed by .."huh?"... then i said "damn its big"!

Thats the most boring thing ever, in all adverts you see the phone small in the palm of a hand then the phone actually comes on the market and magically grows in dimensions , this is so lame ... shame on you Nokia !!!

'N' thats not all its really expensive Rs30,000 , man at that price i prefer buying myself a hardisk with a casing , a monitor , a keyboard , a mouse and a p4 3Ghz processor , not to forget a Voodoo Video Accelerator Card and I would still have some money to watch Fanaa at the cinema :P.

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