Thursday, July 23, 2015

Docker first steps

Currently looking at implementing DevOps based solution at work and whenever you hear DevOps one of the most famous trending buzz work is Docker .

I decided to give it a try on a Windows 7  pc , basically you need to follow the tutorial to install Boot2Docker which will is simple enough in terms of just being an exe that will kick start a stripped down Linux instance on your Windows pc or Mac .

The first thing you need to do is try out this simple command:

docker run hello-world

The picture below explains syntax within the commands:
Now the first issue I got however that no Docker images were being downloaded , i just kept getting i/0 timeout errors . Figureout that something might be blocking the images being downloaded.

A simple googling provided a rapid answer that the problem had to do with Cisco Connect Anywhere , if you have it installed either you need to exit it ( and close from system tray ) or you  can follow the instructions from this stackoverflow query:

Sure enough once Cisco Connect Anywhere was closed i was able to download the image.