Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adding GTalk to your Google Homepage

Google just launched yet another feature . Now you can add a GTalk widget directly to your Google Homepage.

Its cool I gave it a try a minute ago. Conversations appear in tabs.

Now you can access your Gtalk via GMail , the Gtalk desktop client and also from your Google Homepage.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I got published on lifehacker

Wow I got published on one of the sites I love reading the most lifehacker !!!

I was baffled to see so many comments at one go in my mail box then I came across one comment which was talking about an entry on lifehacker about my How to Read Hotmail from Gmail post.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mutant Ninja Turtles are back - TMNT

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I got the news (5.6mins ago) that my puberty heroes were back ..yesssssss.. KAWABANGA! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here for some serious ass kicking action.

The trailer looks awesome apart from the fact that in 3D our turtles look more like lizards ,seems as if they been on a serious diet.

Man all the sewer adventures , ninjas , stupid jokes , mutants and the Pizzas that will show cast cant wait to see it! I bet Pizza hut is gonna make a max of dough with this flick... i started licking pizzas while watching TMNT cartoons ... can you believe that?

By the looks of it our mutant amphibian friends will need to fight against some new evil baddies .. can't see good o'le shredder anywhere in the trailer.. oh yeah I forgot he is in our office kitchenette :P .

The animated movie is to be released on the 23rd of March in the US and probably by December in Mauritius (wild guess :P ).

UoM Comm Studies

Am a great fan of I think this must be the site I visit most after engadget and lifehacker .

Some 3 years back when I first started blogging there were only a few Mauritians on the Mauritian soil that were actually publishing on the web and now when I see all the names in the blogroll I feel really proud.

Lately however I was confused seeing entries like Result transcripts and Protected:Yr3:Slides for Advertising on the tracker which was pointing to a Communication Studies blog for UoM students.

I think thats a good initiative and a change of mind from lecturers and students . Although am not sure if student-teacher talk should be make available to the eyes of everyone online , its a nice way of initiating students to the world of media ..and the internet is nowadays the best distributor of information.

The fact that UoM students are showcasing themselves on the web prove that we are really moving towards a new era .

However people (all new bloggers) be careful with what you post , being visible is not always a good thing and sensitive information should not be disclosed to everyone ..some rodents are always present to prey on what you say.

But on the whole its a nice picture , I hope next year at this time when I check the tracker's blogroll its even bigger ..and i have a feeling that it will :) .

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reading your Hotmail email directly from Gmail

This is a simple hack that will allow you to read your free Hotmail (No POP3 enabled) emails directly from GMail.

Recently GMail has enabled a feature that allows you to read mail from other POP3 enabled email accounts . (To learn more in detail how to set this up please read the instructions ...however this is of no great importance to our hack.)

Now my problem was that I always forgot to check my hotmail account so I thought why not make use of this new GMail feature to automatically poll my Hotmail messages into one inbox.

As you might (not) be aware however that Hotmail (the free version) has no POP3 support so I registered an account on IzyMail which basically asks for your username and password and then provides a POP3 server on IzyMail from which you can connect to retrieve your HotMail electronic mails.

After you register this is what you will get on your IzyMail screen as settings:

User name:
(Account name)

including the part!

Password: •••••• (your password)

Incoming server:
Outgoing server:
Server type: POP / POP3 or IMAP / IMAP4

Now all you need to do is to fire up your Gmail then you click on Settings -> Account

Here you can see I have already configured a hotmail account , it gives me an indication on when it was last checked.

Click on Add another mail account to retrieve email from in the Get mail from other accounts section.

Now fill in your hotmail username and password :

In the POP server section however replace the default value with the following:

You can optionally add a label to messages that come from your hotmail account such as you recognize from where they originate. To do this check the Lable incoming messages option.

Hit Add Account to finish the wizard.

Thats it now you can check your Hotmail directly from Gmail !

[3/3/07 update: It has come to my attention that is not a totally free service so am busy looking for an alternative , if you have one please post in comments.

Maybe the people hosting will come to realise that they could make more bucks if they prolonged the trial period or provided a free version of izymail thus opening up to more customers with the help of google's new feature :P

Joost invitation give away

I've got 2 invitations to give away for Joost .. if you are interested please let me know by writing a comment.