Friday, March 02, 2007

UoM Comm Studies

Am a great fan of I think this must be the site I visit most after engadget and lifehacker .

Some 3 years back when I first started blogging there were only a few Mauritians on the Mauritian soil that were actually publishing on the web and now when I see all the names in the blogroll I feel really proud.

Lately however I was confused seeing entries like Result transcripts and Protected:Yr3:Slides for Advertising on the tracker which was pointing to a Communication Studies blog for UoM students.

I think thats a good initiative and a change of mind from lecturers and students . Although am not sure if student-teacher talk should be make available to the eyes of everyone online , its a nice way of initiating students to the world of media ..and the internet is nowadays the best distributor of information.

The fact that UoM students are showcasing themselves on the web prove that we are really moving towards a new era .

However people (all new bloggers) be careful with what you post , being visible is not always a good thing and sensitive information should not be disclosed to everyone ..some rodents are always present to prey on what you say.

But on the whole its a nice picture , I hope next year at this time when I check the tracker's blogroll its even bigger ..and i have a feeling that it will :) .

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