Monday, October 24, 2016

First Steps with Blockchain

Blockchain can be very confusing to start with so I will be documenting my findings on my blog such as to keep a trace of how to set it up and get started creating decentralized apps also known as dapp .

I have purchased a book which is really interesting and that explains where we are currently as far as cytocurrencies are (e.g BitCoin , ether , litecoin ) but also the history behind blockchain. The book is called Decentralized Applications written by Siraj Raval . I really appreciated the way that the author explained the concepts in a simple but yet extensive manner , only problem I got was that when I came to chapter 3 where the author basically references open source github project to create a dapp that basically mimics twitter , the github urls are all broken hence the application example is really hard to follow.

Now currently trying to make the hello world application for Ethereum work , steps have been explained on this blog post although running a contract seems to be churning out all kind of errors: