Friday, June 16, 2006

Port-louis labelled Satellite Map

Labelled Map of some of the main places of port-louis , haven't finished it yet but its a start :P.

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Google earth 4 Street level Mauritius

Google earth 4 (newest version from Google) now allows you to view street level map of Mauritius , you can see cars , trees , i even saw my water tank on top of my house this is really a great achievement .

See above labourdonnais street , port-louis, MAURITIUS!

See above view of a hotel in the north.

Above view of Champs de Mars horse racing field

Mind blowing satellite pics ,Thanks Google i love you!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006 brilliantly funny is an absolutely must see site if you are fan of Komiko , Sam Amigam and other Mauritian comedy artists.

All the videos are delivered via utube so this means you can view the videos online you can also download utube movies via keepvid.

Great work people!!

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Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard

Enjoy the world cup live and direct with Microsoft's Soccer Scoreboard which brings world cup news directly onto your desktop !!.

Beware however that you require to have a genuine version of Windows to be able to download this software ;) .

Meanwhile check out the next matches of your favorite teams:

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LaszloMail 100% flash experience

I've been waiting for a while for laszlo systems to deploy their laszlo mail service which is made on top of the opensource laszlo system rendering an lzx xml to a flash application.

Laszlo mail offers you a neat conventional interface but which is completely Macromedia Flash based allowing real time content to be displayed in your inbox without the need to refresh you page.So what you would do is just sign in and leave your inbox page as it is , if a new mail arrives it will automatically be displayed in your inbox without the need for you to constantly click on refresh or inbox links.

Registration is free and you don't require any invites gimmick to get started.

However currently laszlo only provides 250MB storage capacity and is largely defeated by GMail offering a similar type of service with 2GB(+) storage and AJAX enabled inbox with integration of GTalk which is an Instant Messenger.

Compared to Goowy which also a flash based email client , Laslzo mail is really simple interface-wise although complete . Goowy is more flamboyant offering free online storage ,games , an online desktop and a free IM client which is able to connect to MSN , Yahoo,etc...

The laszlo mail service is a brilliant showcase by laszlo systems to show the power of this framework , i used the framework myself and i think it really shines high.

There are not many people who have registered yet so if you want to get your nick appended to , you better hurry!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hibernate Quickly free sample chapters

A new hibernate book is out called Hibernate Quickly of which 2 chapters are available for download :

1. Chapter 3 - all configuration tweaks and explanation of the different entities in hibernate - excellent to get started

2. Chapter 6 - explains how to query objects.

So now you got resources for hibernate configuration and HSQL querying , who said that you needed to buy books ?? :P

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Checking if your PC can run Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the new OS that is to replace Win XP and if you are planning to install Vista on your system is a good thing to see before hand if there are any system requirements which are required.

This is where the Windows Vista Advisor comes into play. Download it and run the system scan to see if there are any upgrades hardware or device wise that are needed to make Vista happy on your desktop.

In my case Vista is complaining of lack of an additional 14 Gb , taking the fact that my system is really a development geeked up system , this means that Vista is sure is going to take a lot of resources.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup highlights on Yahoo

The football World Cup site is officially hosted on Yahoo at .

Site is well made and really puts you in the centre of this world event. It provides useful information such as matches to be played , videos of previous matches , a map of the different stadiums.Along with that click on the classic menu button to view all the legends and history that made the World Cup over the years.

The match schedule section is an important tool for any world cup fanatic. It gives the score for the A-H groups and the match times.

Really a must see!!

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Google Spreadsheet

Following my sign up to Google Spreadsheet , I was invited in the limited testing of this new product from the Google labs.

I still can't understand who would eventually use such a service , who would disclose sensitive data online , but I guess people would use it for trivial data storage and display. Consequently i created a dummy Pizza eating world cup ..since i was a bit hungry.

Manipulation is exactly similar to that of Microsoft's excel , i do wonder if there are any patent infringes ..they are really really similar.

Whats annoying however is that there is no direct link to access spreadsheet from either google or your gmail. The only way i can access my account is by going back to the approval mail sent by google for my spreadsheet account.

But apart from that spreadsheet is really a full fledge worksheet minus the charts generation.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our solution to the Chikunkunya problem

The Mosquito Mega Catcher is one pollution free solution to our Chikunkunya mosquito problem . It uses a strip of octenol (to generate a scent that resembles breath), a UV bulb, and flashing LEDs to attract mosquitoes near it and then sucks them inside the container.

According to boing boing one reader says: "In a USDA suburban test, our trap captured up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night and diminished mosquito populations over an entire acre."..........i say AWESOME .

Only problem that I can see is that Chikunkunya operates in the day , at least thats what our scientists reckon.

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Shooting war

Shooting war is what you can call a next generation comic book , which has learnt to adapt itself to its readers. People nowadays go online more than they go to a library and this comic book really is a blog with chapters coming out every week or so.

The story is about the war in Iraq that goes on in the future. The graphics are really beautifully set and the idea seems to be interesting since you do have a control on the scenario since you can actually post your comments to the author.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Google Sketchs your house and universe

Google Skechtup is one blasting tool from Google which allows you to create your 3D universe. Installation is pretty simple and works pretty fast on my system compared to other 3D authoring tools such as AutoCAD.

With Google Sketchup you can create your dream house in minutes , you don't need to have an advanced designer background to get started.

I made the house pictured above within 15 minutes and that too on first try , so shouldn't be difficult for anyone.

Whats even neater is that you can export your house on google earth, giving your google earth map 3D diagrams which is absolutely mind blowing.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Awesome flickr photos

Its amazing how photos uploaded on flickr can be such a delight to the eyes. As a picture is worth a 1000 words I leave you with 5000 words to understand what i mean . ;)

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Extortion Virus Code

This is the weirdest ..(and most intelligent) virus I've seen so far.Named Archiveus this virus combines all files in your My Documents folder and you can't open any of them unless you have the proper password. The virus actually asks for a "ransom" !!! You must give money to the extortionist so as he sends you the password to regain access to your files.

The full story can be obtained from slashdot .

Someone fortunately did actually crack open the password which is : mf2lro8sw03ufvnsq034jfowr18f3cszc20vmw."

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