Monday, November 28, 2005

Blogging from South Africa

Here I am in South Africa and its my first blog from here. Its a really beautiful country , the weather is great and people are kind. I'm currently in Sandton , Johannesburg.

Will try to find some time to blog more.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Out to South Africa

To everyone whom I might not have had the time to say this , well am leaving Mauritius tommorrow to South Africa for work ,I would be back normally before or on X-MAS.

Sorry for not having called everyone cause I just got the news myself.At least its a good thing to have a blog :P, you can desiminate information quickly.

However I dont have any clue if I will have facilities there to go online or if I'll have time to blog ...normally i wont.

Ayways be sure I will try to take a maximum of photos possible and will go hunting for the LION in the bush !!!!!

I do hope to meet some Mauritians there in SA , so if you are Mauritian and you are in SA just send me a mail ... :P

I think I will concentrate all the personal blogging on My MSN Space as its faster and keep the photos on flickr so do check these out.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Mauritius AutoShow 2005

Had a blasting time at the Autoshow 2005 on saturday ..definitively much more than I had for Infotech 2005 . I have brought some good news and some bad news with me though, the good news is that cars really look much better now , designs are sleek and aerodynamic but prices now top the rs 2 millions for semi-luxury models !!!!!

Many people came to Pailles to see the show , on the way I came across the iframac centre where there were at least a dozen jaguars ready to be sold . That was enough to have me salivating . In front of the Pailles centre there were at least 6 classic cars . Ticket cost around rs 35 rupees which is really cheap .. depending on the number of people coming with you.

The main attraction was at the Nissan stand and more precisely for the Nissan Z 350 which where showcased , 2 sexy beast which i would have loved to ride. Well enough of talking pictures speak for themselves:
Pictures I took :

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Friday, November 18, 2005

You will never guess what this blog is about!

Ok I know am out doing myself today is a blog on powerpoint presentations , a lot of interesting material to read , reall nice though... but still a blog about powerpoint presentations ...where are we heading!

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Customize msn spaces blog

This guy
talks you around how to customize your msn space ..if you have one of course
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30 gigs invite hack

Just copy pas the following URL in your browser :

You can replace enter-any-name-here by anything you want.

Found this hack on dreamchaser's. blog

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Infotech 2005 aftermath

So I did eventually go to infotech 2005 on Saturday, there was less stands than before , it was hot and everyone was crowded inside a small arena, it felt a lot like being in an oven with lots of crawling ants...needless to say rude , pushing and sqeeking ants.

This time I walked with my hands in my pocket so as vendors dont keep junking their brochures my way or at times I just kindly(..hmm) refused to grab everthing they threw at my face.

Met loads of people there with everyone saying the same thing .. "Nothing new!" or "Theres nothing to see" which depicted exactly the situation. One stand that really attracted me was that of the MT+ livebox , which is a small rectangular box which provides you with ADSL access , internet TV and video-enabled fixed telephone line surprisingly the stand was empty....yes Mauritians are really techie

Most people were after the cash & carry stands which had on display their inexpensive computer-wares ..mind you a Sony Vaio at rs62,000 , I do wonder who would be the idiot who would spend that amount on a laptop. There was also the leal informatics stand that had quiet a few visitors with the IPod Nano looking realy cute and sexy. And the Apple-Mini being sold at rs 18000 (without a screen).

On the whole the only thing I would cherish in my memories of that Saturday would be the ride to Mer-Rouge and back home!

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Eid the day after

Eid Mubarak if i missed one of you people . Eid went well , lots of briani and now am suffering from stomach ache ... ouch.

Lets wait for bakreid now :) heheheh.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

YouTube - Upload Tag and share videos

YouTube is the technorati and flickr for video files . You can upload and share your videos with thousands of other users and visualize all the sites content via Tags just like technorati.

The idea is great and right now the japs and chinese are making the most out of the service. There are some really cool videos like this Ninja Man or the funny 2 chinese boys I want it that way , which is an absolute must see loool .

If you want to save the YouTube videos follow this guide.

Update: The Lion Song kewl!

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Me v/s the Mango Eater Bats

Eaten up mangoes
Originally uploaded by ledodo.
Last night was one of the most annoying and sleepless night of my entirely life. The reason BATs!

This must be my 3rd blog entry on these dumb creatures. Even my parents are now concerned with them, no one is able to sleep peacefully annymore.

Imagine being waken up at 1:45am by flapping wings , sqeaky noises over a well-laden late-night mango dinner party... just after having seen Dracula TV ..brbr..

So I decided that enough was enough , me and my dad come up with a list of possible solutions to frighten them off .

First we tried to light up all lamps in the house but this did not have much effect . Dad told me that someone had advised him to put a radio near the tree , so we bundled his little blue radio to a sort of long stick and placed it high up near the mangoo tree ... that was the end of dad's favorite blue radio ... as it fell with a big crash .

Exasperated I took hold of the stick and angrily rattled it through the leaves of the tree , imagine our surprise on seeing at least 20 bats rising up to the dark skys one by one . And there were big ones amongst them. Actually the entire area we live in is full with loaded mango trees at this period of the year and for the bats its like a gigantic mall.

Tonight am gonna try scaring the hell out of them with firecrackers. Anyone has any suggestions , i would be glad to hear them.

Ah and yeah the picture shows the mess after the late night dinner in my yard.

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Cheap Alienware Laptop

If you are anywhere in the northern hemisphere and happen to want a laptop then do consider the new Area-51 laptops from Alienware not only are they cool but are also cheap starting at $1,049 ..on top of that they have wide-screens.

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Create your avatar with Yahoo Avatars

Having your personalized avatar is no longer a problem with Yahoo's Avatar maker. You can quickly make up a decent avatar of yourself or your friends.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Diwali 2005

Today is Divali , one festival that i definitively love more than Christmas (since i stopped getting presents). Divali or Diwali is the festival of light celebrated by Hindus all around the world and enjoyed by all the neighbours and friends of them people ...because you get loads of sweets .. tons and tons of them.

By sweets I mean indian delicacies which are absolutely words can describe what I mean to say here.. Divali strikes memories also by the fact that our hindu friends light up their houses with beautiful little lamps and light-bulb bases decorations. And there is also a lot of firecrackers which will go up in smoke tonight.

On the whole divali is celebrated by everyone in Mauritius except for people like me who have to work on that day :P .So Happy Divali festival to you all!!!!!

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