Monday, November 21, 2005

Mauritius AutoShow 2005

Had a blasting time at the Autoshow 2005 on saturday ..definitively much more than I had for Infotech 2005 . I have brought some good news and some bad news with me though, the good news is that cars really look much better now , designs are sleek and aerodynamic but prices now top the rs 2 millions for semi-luxury models !!!!!

Many people came to Pailles to see the show , on the way I came across the iframac centre where there were at least a dozen jaguars ready to be sold . That was enough to have me salivating . In front of the Pailles centre there were at least 6 classic cars . Ticket cost around rs 35 rupees which is really cheap .. depending on the number of people coming with you.

The main attraction was at the Nissan stand and more precisely for the Nissan Z 350 which where showcased , 2 sexy beast which i would have loved to ride. Well enough of talking pictures speak for themselves:
Pictures I took :

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