Monday, October 25, 2004

Jarhoo - no more ClassNotFoundException

Just found out one cool little web service called Jarhoo as the name suggests it has to do with jars and indeed Jarhoo allows you to search for information on jars when you get NoClassDefFoundError or ClassNotFoundException problems in JAVA.

The interface is pretty simple to use and the example button clearly shows how useful this online tool can be.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Google Desktop

Google Desktop Search

Google released a nice cool utillity called Google Desktop this comes as a 446kb download to be installed on Windows Xp and above.

Google Desktop gives you the option of searching your own hard drive for files having content for which you are querying. The installation is very fast and indexing of your hard drive takes place when your pc is idle.

I recommend this to all of you because it really is a nice tool if you have loads of information scattered around ure hardisk.


Back from Netherlands

Hey am back from a month spent in the Netherlands. Hopefully i will now be able to update this blog with more of my "infos".

Thanks for all the feedback and reviews i got while i was away.