Monday, May 29, 2006 rectification letter

Got a mail this morning from the owner of which is an FREE online auction I made a blog entry/review on this site :

----------Letter Transcript---------------------

I'm the owner of OKKAZ.COM service.

I just want to reply to your post

OKKAZ.COM is a totally free service , It is not a Mauritius site but a
French site (that's why the prices are in euro)
And I made it alone. I made the entire software ( as I made others more

So, I did'nt buy any software or licence for that. I just wanted to
offer free stuffs .

I'm an independant developper and my society make other free services.

Unfortunatly, is not yet used by lot of people, and there is
few submissions. But I hope it will be more popular and used by more

One time, a man say me that people witch come to think there
is a problem because it's totally free.
He said : "It's suspect ! None enterprise provide free services ! Maybe
it's a trap !!"

No !
It's not a trap !
Nothing to pay, just fill the form, join an image and let's go . Your
email is crypted in the source code of the page. No newsletter, no spam,
I don't sell or transmit any personal information to other society . And
I don't use your personal information for something else.

About servihoo : it's a service provided by wanadoo ( probably not
And servihoo is not the same system as : I'm not working for
wanadoo .

Well wish you luck buddy and hope that you get a better audience in the days to come.Let us know how we can help you get started ;) .

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