Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quatres-Bornes.com has your address!!!

Guess what I was surfing the net when a friend of mine (who will stay annonymous as he is a secret agent) ,we will call him agent 000 , discovered a site called Quatre-Bornes.com , I told him :"Hey I already know this site"...which i did!

Agent 000: "Did you know its got the address of everyone above 18 living in Quatre-bones".

me: "....huh?.????????????"

So he gave me the link : http://www.quatre-bornes.com/address/az_index.php . This link really had the names of everyone living in Quatre Bornes and who were above 18 on top of that it had the residential address of these people.

Agent 000 saved the world again!!

It should be noted that this is very sensitive information and should not be made public I will contact the people behind the portal and see why they have done so without the consent of the people concerned.

Meanwhile you can verify if your name is on the list .

Topic still under investigation ...;)

Note to myself: revise my french i wrote Quatre with an s ..hmmm.

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