Friday, September 09, 2005

Flu i hate U

Woke up yesterday and i had a sore throat , today is no better and tommorrow am supposed to go on cruise to Reunion island (another island very next to Mauritius).

Man am sure am gonna enjoy this trip with my 37 degrees headache and my blocked nose . HOHOHO and a bottle of KoughKiller. Whats annoying with all these medications is that you end up in a really sleepy condition now that can be good when you are at home but when you are in the office and you know that day is going to be long .. i mean very long then there is reason to panic.

Just hope tommorrow i won't end up sea sick along with being influenzied (hmmm dont know if that word exists but if doesnt then am the first to have found it :P ...heheeh... i feel like Columbus now :P )

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Faisal ... said...

Get well soon

Jheera said...

try drinking some green tea, that usually helps!