Thursday, September 15, 2005

Reunion Island Photos

I posted the reunion photos on flickr for you to watch. I think its much more convenient there than posting them directly on blogger .

Here is the link :

Points to know about reunion island is that it is really mountainous , nothing like Mauritius. Actually i always thought that it would ressemble a bit like France but thats totally false , flat liveable land is scarce there.

There is also a lot of erosion problems and everywhere you see metallic structures used to stop erosion and stop rocks from stumbling down mountains, hills or cliffs.

Unfortunately sandy beaches are almost absent on the island , as there is not much coral reefs surrounding it which further accentuates the erosion process.

The beauty of Reunion is high up in the mountains , the villages are gorgeous and ressemble a lot to swiss landscape . There is also Piton de la fournaise which is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. However it was not active when we went to see it.

The voyage to the volcano makes you discover some breathtaking scenery , which looks absolutely moon-like , its really surprising . The roads are curvy and reddish just like a red carpet . Do take breaks when you there as you might easily get stomach and ear problems due to pressure difference as can be seen by this lays packet , which is inflated like a balloon (thats my dad's hand :P).

Shopping is not something i would recommend anyone to do , as everything seems to be expensive . On the roads be prepared to see a lot of french cars , most people there own one but they seem all to buy the same make citroen and renault.

The houses are not so modern there are loads of old creole houses with very bright colours which are really attractive to look at.

Bring warm clothes as it is really cold high up in the mountains and do take biscuits and stuffs to eat although there are a lot of shops and restaurants even 5000km above sea-level.

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