Monday, October 02, 2006

Hotmail and Yahoo have a facelift

The mail providers Yahoo and Hotmail have yet again upgraded their service to keep their heads out of the water in the battle of who will dominate the email arena.

Yahoo Mail Beta offers a very interesting and user-friendly interface that makes reading your inbox quiet an enjoyable experience.

The downside is the connection speed and the tons of gimmicks and adverts that fill up your screen at times but on the overall I like it a lot.

Hotmail on the other hand , re-branded Windows Live Mail , offers a new interface too , although I would tend to prefer the Yahoo one. It is however customizable but right now you can get Live Mail only if you have registered for beta version testing...which i did ;).

Unfortunately Microsoft's baby also suffers from being sluggish , you get this annoying "Request being processsed" messaged being displayed whenever you click on a link and that just spoils the fun.

Both Live Mail and Yahoo Mail now make use of AJAX-like gimmicks , normally I would have thought that this should have decreased loading time of pages but its suprising to find that both mail providers warn their customers that if you want to use the AJAX version of their interface , it is recommended that you have a broadband connection!!

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