Thursday, October 12, 2006

N93 Arrived in Dodo land

Nokia N93 has arrived in our stores or more precisely at Cash and Carry where its being sold off at Rs 25,900 something + VAT which is quiet a lot of money.

I mailed the guys at HM Rawat but didnt get any response back , preciously they told me that the N93 would arrive in mid -August this year.

Am still wondering whether I should get it coz of the prize. I was at Cash and Carry on Saturday to buy a Dual Core PC with 1GB RAM , cost around Rs 34,000 + VAT and the quality of the product I received in return was really not what I was expecting. The casing which looked great on the shelves , suddenly revealed that it was not something really strong and my keyboard is already broken the keys get stuck inside.

Mind you the thing does not come with Windows XP , so you actually need to install Windows yourself or alternately have Cash and Carry install it for you for a mere Rs 2000 something :S .

But the Dual Core Processor at 3.+ GHz is quiet nice to work with thus am not complaning too much coz thats the main thing else I would be depressing too much.

However I took the opportunity to ask to see the N93 , there was one guy there that said something about having it in the back store and whether I would take it immediately. That sounded stupid to me given the price I would expect to have a proper look at the object. I told him so and he said well maybe they were out of stock (as they sold one this morning...) but he readily hushered me to a pc and typed the url to the N-Series N93 specs page where he was dumb struck himself by the spec details of the N93. That was really annoying , me who had thought that I could have a look at last at the phone arrrrrg.


Anonymous said...

Dual Core on desktops? I've not heard about that. Or, are you referring to the Dual Core 2?

Unknown said...

Well no just dual core here is the link


Ashvin Gunga said...

Does the mobile have blue tooth on it???

Unknown said...

lool yeah it does have bluetooth and WIFI too so you can ping our server with it loooooooooooooooooooool.