Tuesday, July 12, 2005

LongHorn Beta

Beta testing of Microsft LongHorn have started. Only a select few individuals will have access to the beta version of LongHorn, the rest will have to wait until next year.

LongHorn will feature the next version of internet explorer , IE7.

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NotScientific said...

IE7 is being released. So what? We already have FireFox here.

Unknown said...

"We already have FireFox here.
well that does not apply to you then keep using firefox , other people may be more interested in the new features that IE7 has to offer concerning RSS .

NotScientific said...

What about security. Isn't this the real big issue with Microsoft?

Unknown said...

It will be very naive to think that firefox does not have any security flaws or loopholes. There is always a bug or flaw that can be put to malicious use.

It is also obvious that you wont experience any security issue with a product that just comes on the market.

Usually its after a 2-3 months period that you might be experiencing security threats. Since longhorn is a new OS in itself making use of a new file system with enhanced protections hackers will take their time before creating virus or hacks that can cause harm on your pc.

Actually this is why Microsoft has started beta testing 1 year before the initial release of LongHorn + I.E 7 to detect any such threats.

But on the whole most common people are interested on new functionalities that I.E 7 might produce rather than about security
, dont forget that for every bug there is always a patch! ;)

NotScientific said...

Actually Firefox did have to release some major updates in a short lapse of time. Hackers will obviously try to now to find a way through this ever-growing in popularity browser.

But let's hope that Microsoft does try to improve the security this time.