Monday, July 04, 2005

Election results for Mauritian electoral campaign 2005

So today is big day for many fellow Mauritians ,who of the parties will win the elections 2005 is still a mystery. But my guess it will be either MSM/MMM (current ruling party) or Alliance Sociale.

Yesterday was voting day most voting centers recorded between 75 and 85% attendees , which is quiet good although i do wonder what the 20% remaining were doing.. :) .There apparently was not too much trouble , I went voting around 3pm many people like me prefered having lunch first before heading to the voting centres.

It was rather calm there 200 meters off voting center premises there were both MSM/MM and Alliance Sociale activitist sitting in front of each other or rather ignoring each other. Lots of young people in the locality were among them which was quiet surprising to me.

Right now the counting is about to start , results will be obtained by the end of the day.

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NotScientific said...

The question now is by how much will Alliance Sociale win.