Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Surfing and thoughts

Having nothing to watch on tv at times can be a bliss. As today was the case I immediately turned towards my pc for my daily surfing exercise.

I thought "Hey why not have a look at what the other blogs are saying" , so after a quick browsing sesssion on, I came on this blog called cool hunting which was showing how to dissapear completely . Its basically about using sheds for hideouts ,well that was the bizarre blog of the day.

Afterwards I came across a site or more precisely a project online called The Gutenberg Project , its kind of a collection of free literrature mostly in Text format , that you can download and read without having to pay for anything , I just downloaded The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and The Best American Humorous Short Stories both less than a megabyte in Zip format. Its nothing compared to reading a physical book (unless you print it of course) , but still its better than nothing.

Talking about litterature its astonishing to see the amount of people rushing to their book stores to get hold of the Da Vinci Code . The book is already one of the best "best-sellers" of all time. Even here in Mauritius lots of people of both sex keep gossiping about it.

I have a feeling that despite it having an intriguing and fascinating story, that this book has become more of a trendy object that one would showcase on one's desk or library than anything else. Of course there are many people who do enjoy the book for its content rather than for the trend.

Anyways I haven't read the book nor am I thinking of doing so , I prefer watching a nice documentary on National Geographic channel or BBC . Although reading such books is good , entertaining and greatly improves your imagination and vocabulary , i believe that one gains considerably less than learning about true stories of people , animals , insects , forests ,fish and places ,things that you learn by reading scientific/economics litterature or watching docs.

Coming to think of it even Leonardo Da Vinci had a well developed general knowlege of the world around him.


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NotScientific said...

Harry Potter 6 is on its way to the bookshops in about 2 weeks. Surely people will drop the Da Vinci talks and discuss Rowling's book then.

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