Monday, June 20, 2005

My move to ebene cybercity

ebene cybercity
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Today is my first day in the ebene cybercity building dubbed the most intelligent building in Mauritius and in Africa in general.

The weather here at ebene is really very cold and there lots of wind.Its cleaner than in port-louis and its certainly beautiful with lots of flowers , and grass.

There are loads of other buildings under construction right now around the main building it seems that if all goes well this business park may prove to be very interesting.

The Ebene Way is where you would like to be to get hold of a nice lunch or dinner , there are about 5 different restaurants from typical indian food , to chinese noodles , + there is also pizza hut. I just had a chicken cutlet with bread (long one) for rs45 so its not that expensive although i can't see myself eating there everyday.

There are lots of other facilities in Ebene Way including SBM and MCB cash ATMs , a barclays bank outlet , Video/DVD rental stores , Supermarket , shops , even surprisingly an aquarium shop .

Its is not allowed to take pictures inside the building itself for security reasons so dont expect me to be posting any, but mark my word its cool.

Ebene cybercity :

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