Sunday, December 25, 2005

Back to a Dodo XMAS

Am back in dodo land for a few days (holidays) before going back early Jan. So I got off my plane like 4 hours ago . Watched Alien v/s predator DVD . Ate some noodles , read the newspaper and now am blogging.

Dont no where i get the energy to do these things. But am planning to catch Father Xmas today read handed as he misses my house as he has been doing ever since I turned 11.

What has changed in the country since i left exactly 31 days ago ? ...the weather. Its really hot here in Port-Louis , even hotter than in Sandton , Jo'burg.

Must definitively go to the beach under these conditions.

Anyways MERRY XMAS to all of you people out there !!!!!!!!!!!

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Faisal ... said...

Bonne Annee 2006 ;)