Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google making jabber popular

Jabber has existed as an IM communication protocol for quiet some time now , but it never really got the popularity it deserved. I remembered installing exodus and other Jabber clients to find that non of my friends nor relatives were really keen in using it mostly because it was really painful to use as compared to msn messenger or yahoo messenger.

But overnight the interest for Jabber has suddenly risen because of Google , its really interesting to see how a company can help brush off the dust accumulated over Jabber technology. Points to ponder are do we find a tool or software cool really because the company providing it is trendy? Its just like NIKE shoes , the shoe might have a really dumb design but people still buy it because of the logo , so are we using google products because it has the "Google" sign attached to it?

Google allows you to make free calls , yeah thats cool but you can also make free pc calls using msn messenger , so whats the big deal . On top of that right now i still can't connect to their server which adds to my frustration :P.

Another thing is google is allowing users to connect to their Jabber server using any decent compliant Jabber client , inlcuding home-made google talk, there seems to be a catch here .. I mean whats the point ? Where does google cash the money? There's no advert + more money will have to be spent for administration of their Jabber servers ..

Lastly i believe that there needs to be more innovation for people to swap their msn , yahoo messenger or aim clients for google talk. I personnally can't find myself leaving my msn for google talk , because right now msn still (unfortunately) outclasses most IMs in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

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