Friday, August 05, 2005

Goowy (re) or the Return of a cool Flash Mail App

Nice features come with this new version of Goowy code-named Goowy (Re).

Here is a list of them :

1. New bar which allows you to switch between different modes desktop , mail , calendar , today , options , help.

2. Ability to load a less flashy version of goowy for people with slow internet connection speed.

3. Goowy games which seems to be a very innovative concept , play games while reading your mail.

4. A google toolbar.

These are things that really want you to use goowy + you can customize your desktop. And the way the windows open up is way so cool , i love flash.

On the other hand being a flash application what i would have really liked is the ability to move objects on the goowy desktop, RSS feeds and definitively more publicity on Goowy so as it becomes trendy ..(thats why am writing this blog entry ..hhhehhe)
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Book said...

it was only gon for a few minutes

well, in my eyes that is :)

Unknown said...

what was gone book :) ?

Book said...

when Goowy Shut down for the updates. i know it had to be a few days but i wasnt paying attention, so it seemed like it was down only for a few minutes for me :)