Friday, August 12, 2005

AJAX or the latest craze for web development

If you have a Gmail account or use Google map this is what powers them ..AJAX.

Not only does it have a cool name but it has several advantages too:

1. You don't need to submit your form and wait for your page to refresh , AJAX allows instant field checking and saving , a bit like how a desktop application would work.

2. A single screen interface : consider having one Application page which captures all the display table , forms , etc.. of your application on a single screen.

3. Easy to implement : you use AJAX tag librabries and a servlet and el presto like functionality on the fly.

You can create forms with auto completion , interactive popups , the possibilities are endless.

Midnight coders have implemented their webORB presentation server which actually allows AJAX and FLASH RIA clients to connect to JAVA applications.

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