Thursday, August 11, 2005

Interview with CEO of Goowy

Here is a transcript a mail interview I had with CEO of Goowy , Alex Bard, on the now growing in popularity flash mail App:

1. what technology does goowy use for the server side processing is that J2EE and on what server does it run?

We use .Net on the server side.

2. what niche of users are you trying to target?

We are targeting the iPod generation. It is a generation that transcends age and culture and a state of mind. We are targeting people who appreciate form, function, elegance, and embrace new technologies.

3. Where is the goowy head office located?

We are located in San Diego, California.

4. Is goowy planning to stay free for ever?

We will always offer a free version of our service. We truly want to make a difference in how people interact on the web and want to ensure that everyone has access to our services.

We will also offer premuim services in the near future which will provide increased storage, and additional advanced functionality.

5. What are the future functionalities that goowy is planning to add?

We are working a lot of exciting things in our lab that are a combination the amazing suggestions and feedback we have received from our members and our vivid imaginations.

"Its kind of fun to do the impossible" - Walt Disney

6.Hope thats not too much questions :) .

Not at all...your support has been great! Help us spread the word!

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Book said...

Good Stuff, Goowy, Is Great. and getting Better

as far as The Ipod Generation, I wasn't apart of that generation until i won my Ipod from


Unknown said...

wooooo lucky you , i wonder if they give ipods to people promoting goowy :P .