Thursday, October 27, 2005

A long summer night's dream

I have been really busy lately at work this explains the sporadic blog entries. Well I still don't have much time to blog so am gonna make it fast.

Comming to fast , we are approaching the last week of Ramadan the new moon should be seen "theoretically" on (3rd of November 2005) thursday , my bet is that Eid would be celebrated on Friday.I do long for a good briani... miaaam. For those of you who don't know what briani is .. well you will see on Eid's day ..vegetarians please abstain.

Summer is so painful i do prefer Mauritian winter which is very comfortable. Right now in Port-Louis its like living in hell. On top of that there is a stupid bat which keeps eating mangoes 2 metres off my bedroom window and it makes awful squeaky noises ... damn stupid animal!! I thought it was a small thing until I saw it last night , its like arms length and with its wings unleashed it does look creepy.

Apart from that there is nothing really important going on except for school children who are having their final exams and are soon going on holidays ... lucky kidos.

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Sambhav said...

hi javed !

next time if u can plz throw some light on sending sms via email.