Tuesday, October 04, 2005

30 gig email service

New mail service is out from 30gigs which provides a 30Gb mail box. Its not something really exciting in terms of mailbox size , i have like a dozen gmail accounts and use around less than 4% of my 2GB space , however whats interesting is the interface.

Lets see what this service will have to offer to compete against Gmail and Goowy.

Currently registration is not available , you can get 30Gigs mail only via invitation. So if you happen to have a spare invitation , please send it my way :P .

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Faisal ... said...

Salaam Javed

Do you still want to try the 30Gig.com email?

Unknown said...

Wasalam faisal,
yeah sure i would like to try out 30gigs email :)

Swanie said...

Dear Faisal,

Could you invite me please if you have 30gigs.com account? I would like to try it out.

My email is swanbros[at]gmail.com

sameh said...

hw are u??
iam sameh and today is my birthday, can i have this account as a birthday gift from u:)
here is my emails