Friday, March 25, 2005

Mail Wars Yahoo v/s Gmail

Apparently Yahoo is planning to offer free 1GB mail storage space to all its users.So if you don't have a GMail account (which is already at 1GB) then this is really good news for you.The service is to start late in April for Yahoo Mail users whilst GMail will shed off its beta version tag to go public on April 1.

Yahoo Mail!

Lets see the good features of both the Mail systems:


1. Going from 250MB to 1GB this leverages Yahoo to the same rank as GMail in terms of storage space provider.
2. Many more years of experience than GMail , the Yahool Mail system is more reliable
3. Doesnt make use of JavaScript like Google, this means that it is more compatible with most browsers
4. Free antivirus scanning of your attachements
5. SPAM blocklist , feature not availble in GMail


1. Unlike Yahoo Mail Gmail is completely Ad Free
2. Mail forwarding allowed
3. POP3 access allowed
4. Ability to search your mail
5. Labels , allow you to monitor your mails as if they were part of a conversation
6. Automatic refresh, you dont need to refresh your page to know if you got a new mail

So from what can be seen , Yahoo Mail will give more emphasis on reliability and security whilst GMail is biding more on new features and pioneer concepts.

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NotScientific said...

SPAM blocklist , feature not availble in GMail

But, GMail does stuff all your spams in a special folder, right?

Unknown said...

yes but you cannot implicitly indicate a mail as being spam in gmail contrarily to Yahoo.

NotScientific said...

Maybe I'm getting you wrong, but why do you have to? All your spam go to a special folder!

And if ever, there's a spam in your inbox, you can make it as spam and get it removed to the spam folder.

I think I've misunderstood you.

Unknown said...

At times there are some mails which fail detection as being spam , these mail you have to manually set it as spam. In the case of Yahoo you have a blocklist to hold emails that you dont want to reach your inbox. In the case of GMAIL you dont have a blocklist.

alantoy said...

true. i have an account with both Yahoo! and Google. I like Google more than yahoo because it is easier to use. Plus i have over 2.3 gigs of space right now