Monday, March 14, 2005

BluggCaster - cool podcasting

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Ever heard of a podcast? Well its literrally just like a blog , although its more of audio than text , people record their information in mp3 format for example and upload it on their website , so as others can listen to all the blablabla that you can possibly imagine.

I thought that podcasting was like listening to the radio until i came across BluggCaster. Man its so mondo cool , the presenters are in fact ALIEEEEEEEEEEENS yes ! They have this squeaky little voice and they analyze the news from our planet earth with their dullish eyes before recording everything and publishing their podcast... its really crazy, funny and the best part being that they have this awesome flash site i feel that its christmas already.

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blugg said...

that is so cool!!! thanks for this!! I jsut found it on my radar! woo!!

blugg said...

i can't believe we have listeners all the way in Mauritus!! What a beautiful place!