Tuesday, March 22, 2005

w.bloggar the blogging client

I have started using w.bloggar as a blog client for blogger to post and publish my blog entries. It is a freeware with absolutely no ads. Its got a cool UI and great authoring tools along with it. The installation takes about a few seconds and up you go blogging your contents.

Its just like writing up a word document and when you finish you just click on the Post&Publish button to publish your entry on your blog. There are numerous interesting features such as:

1. Editing of posts and templates
2. Post preview
3. Post to many blogs
4. Spell checking

A number of blogs are supported for more information visit the w.bloggar website

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NotScientific said...

When I go to the site, it doesn't load!

Unknown said...

You are right for some reasons the bloggar homepage is no longer operational.