Friday, March 18, 2005


GoogleX Posted by Hello

Google released its portal GoogleX , which is supposed to be in "hommage" to Mac Os X. I really can't see any difference between Google portal and GoogleX except for a difference in the menu style.

Yesterday I couldn't login at all on blogger , I was only able to post the pic of GoogleX via Hello.



Unknown said...


I am one of those unlucky people who dint have a chance to see GoogleX. Being the lucky soul u are ;) Can u tell me something more about the experiment ? Did they have that genie effect done using Flash ? Being a flash person, I'm more excited to know that. I blog about this topic. Can you please leave me a comment on my blog... Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Arul,
check your blog . By the way the GoogleX site didnt use any flash. Hope that answers your question.