Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Add spice to your builds

So you are planning to setup continious integration in your project or you already have CruiseControl blasting nightly builds but you would like your team members to be a bit more interested in the whole process.The daily amount of build failed emails is spamming your mailbox well why not try adding some bubbles to the build. (no am not insane ;)) . This is something I heard from a colleague who had witnessed the event , I found the site which gave the details today.

The pragmatic programmer website gives a comprehensive explanation of how to illuminate your builds using 2 lava lamps , a transceiver and a firecracker computer interface.

This is how it works , (hope i understood it right) when your build is executed the outcome is converted through a special CruiseControl plugin to a signal sent to the firecracker computer interface which sends a wireless signal to the transceiver which in turn controls which lamp to light up (red or green).

Lava lamp: red build failed Posted by Hello Here you are in big trouble , the build has failed. The red light lights up slowly , the longer the time you take to fix the build the more it will glow red. Dont let it glow for too long as it gets pretty hot else you might have the whole building glowing along ;).

green bubbles, Build Successful! Posted by Hello Hey the build worked just fine no sweat guys this is the ideal solution now you can take a coffee break and then come back to keep it green!

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