Thursday, March 10, 2005

ADSL by ClickPost

I almost slipped and fell down when i saw the front page news of L'express this morning, i couldn't beleive it. ClickPost ,a Mauritian internet services provider, is offering ADSL 128 kbps at Rs 899 (+ VAT) with unlimited access.

Having read that I immediately went to check the tariff details on the ClickPost website . The newspaper article also mentioned that the main leader on the Telecommunications market in Mauritius, TelecomPlus was offering ADSL 128k at Rs1000 for only 12 hours. Thats absolutely not true becomes when I checked on their site , the kit they were offering was at Rs990 and for 24hours unlimited access.

Anyways I'm very happy to see that we are finally moving out of the 56kbp dial-up era to ADSL. But i do wonder when we will be enjoying a T1 connection.

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