Sunday, February 13, 2005

The quest for Mauritian Blogs

Waking up early at 7am...yes this is early to me... i decided to look for my fellow mauritians ..not on the streets but on the web. I already knew where to find Junean and Eddy ( but I was getting more perplexed as to the whereabouts of the rest of the mauritians.

So i consulted my own personal oracle.."Google".. and discovered another blog hosted by our friend Eddy called "" where he gets a bit more personal. But thats it nothing else much worth stating.

I figured out that there might be a few reasons why there was such a scarcity of Mauritians writing.

Here is the outcome of my long analysis of the problem which lasted around 3 minutes and 25 secs:

1. The notion of blogs is unexistent to mauritians..its not published in l'express information technology page yet (... i love l'express.. dont you?)

2. Its not taught at school (or a proper tution would be required )

3. Mauritians are more of readers than writers ...(then come read my blogs!!!)

4. Mauritians don't like to share their thoughts to the general public (its a small island after all..)

5. Mauritians don't like waking at 7am to write blogs (...highly probable!)

6 ...or me and the rest who are writing are Pioneers and its up to us to get others to write (and save the world..batman begins)

If you feel that there are other blogs on the Net worth stating please add as a comment, and do lets get the blog word out. Its really relaxing to talk about things and having others review it .


Stephan said...

Hi Javed,

Perhaps I can give you a hand with getting some more activity on your blog. Although I am not a true Mauritian, perhaps I can pass as a 'used-to-be-part-time-Mauritian' blogger.

I will soon start at least one new blog. You are definitely on the right track with this new blog. I will add you to my aggregator as well as soon as I've found the RSS feed you are generating.

Cheers from rainy Utrecht,

- Stephan

Unknown said...

Hi Stephan,

How are ya? Yeah of course a helping hand from a 'used-to-be-part-time-Mauritian' blogger is always welcome :P .

Got news for you its rainy in Port-louis too. Good to see that you are going to start blogging again. Bloggers from the Netherlands are always welcome.


June-An said...

Slowly but surely the mauritian bloggers will make their apparition... just give them time... rien ne nous echappe. :)

Anonymous said...

See, on the lower left section. You will find a section called Other Mauritians which lists the other known Mauritian bloggers.

Yours truly,