Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rain ... at last

Its now official since 10 minutes and 34 seconds... Yes ladies and gentlemen after 34 days it finally arrived in 2005 with a ground breaking music intro. Shaking the leaves , washing the souls ,and acclaimed by all, the first drops of rain hit the ground.

Now the question that many including myself (humble humanoid having not enough dough to get a car and who has to take the nearest spaceship each day..called a bus) has to ask himself keeps ringing into my ears... How the hell am gonna get home without drenching myself?...

There are thank goodness a few possibilities :

1. Walk in the rain and get "sick and tired" (courtesy of anastacia)
2. Run in the rain (no much change)
3. Accept fatality (just like in mortal kombat)
4. Take a cab (.....hmm.. too expensive)
5. Write a blog post on blogspot

I wonder which i will choose .......


June-An said...

that's a kewl blog, describing the reality of life. :D For us, common people, a very cumbersome device might be useful in rainy times: AN UMBRELLA!

Unknown said...

yeah but at times you dont usually walk with umbrellas either ..thats the problem... u never know when rain will watch meteo everyday people ;)