Thursday, February 03, 2005

Finding your IP

There are basically 2 types of IP one which is static and one which is dynamic. Most of you at home , using dial up modems are assigned a new IP each time you connect to the internet this is called a dynamic IP.It changes on each new connection. As for the static IP this one does not change at all , you usually have that if you have a permanent connection to the net or at times some companies and individuals buy an IP with their ISP and they always have this IP.

IP are a set of digits which are seperated by dots (4 of them) an example is . I won't go into the details of what an IP is am sure it would be very fascinating....but here I dont have that much time, so I will just tell you how to get your IP address when you are online.

At times for such applications such as NetMeeting or VNC, which allows you to connect to a remote computer you need to know your IP address and the address of the computer you want to connect to. and are one of many sites available online which can quickly provide you with your IP address assigned by your ISP. This can be very helpful if you are working on systems which does not allow you to get the real externally assigned IP but returns your IP on the local network instead.


Definitions of IP address on the net

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