Monday, February 21, 2005

Mauritian Spammers the beginning

Mauritian Spam mails Posted by Hello

Since a couple of weeks am getting spam on my Yahoo Mail from Mauritian companies. This is something which had never happened before in Dodoland the notion of Mauritian spammers was totally unexistent.

As I was really totally annoyed I decided to dig into the matter and this is what I found. The company behind this is called R&K communications and they are offering a so called "E-Marketing service" which means a company can subscribe to their service which costs merely between rs2500 to rs 4000 which is like 72 to 114 euros per month (...peanuts)and have their personlized brochures be sent to thousand of mauritian email inboxes.

They boost about having a database of 30,000 e-mail addresses in Mauritius.These e-mail addresses keep increasing as in their brochures you are invited to send their brochure to a friend .

There are many questions which fill my mind as to where they got the email address from and how they can be making money over my email address. Not to forget that I will be having my monthly dose of new brochures.

If you ever get any of these brochures dont hesitate just block it or delete it but dont under any circumstances send it to one of your friends unless you really don't like that friend.

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