Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Day at Court

To start my blog article ... we need to 9th of September 2003 10:45am, La Vigie Road , Mauritius , Indian Ocean, Milky Way Galaxee .. Am driving slowly at 120km/hr (speed limit is 80km/ that time) when out of the bloom a cop stops my car and hands me out an xcess form.

So the 7th of febuary 2005 i find myself in the courtroom of Curepipe with 60 other fellow law offenders. The Usher (not to confuse with the singer!) calls my name , I go to the box , he says something like blablablablab...blablablabla..accept...blabla..guilty..not guilty..blablabla I nod my head and its over. A Rs1200 fine (32 euros) and am a free man again.He didnt even check my ID or nothing , you just go there and say your guilty..thats soooo.. coool!

Then of course you need to go in the queue to pay for the stupid fine , a long loooong loooooong queue. After which you get a receipt which ressembles a supermarket receipt and you go home. Of course if you dont pay the fine after 8 days a cute little warrant is issued on your name and you get to wear those trendy black and white stripped shirt and matching pants. That was my day in court... memorable.

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