Saturday, February 26, 2005

Charge your cellphone with ...air

Am sure your mouth must have dropped open on seeing the title of this post. Thats exactly what happened to me on reading the title of the article "Using air to charge cellphones? IIT-Delhi does it!".

I thought man these indian guys they are really mind blowing ,using air consisting of unreactive gases to charge a mobile wow...unimaginable.May be like in a fuel cell using only water from the air they would seperate the oxygen and hydrogen molecules ..etc.. Only that the indian guys didn't actually use air , they used wind!

They apparently created a small turbine small enough to put in your pocket and the idea is that when you are in your car , on a bicycle ,on a bus , in plane (no not in a plane), you place your turbine outside your window so as air flow makes the turbine turn and generate electricity. I can't believe that its now that they understand the concept of a dynamo.

Anyways spare you the trouble buy yourself a spare battery.

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