Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just a few days after my post about not having too many mauritian bloggers around guess what I found while surfing the blogsphere?....well a mauritian blogging service which allows mauritians to blog. Now isn't that cool or what.

The blogging service is called Currently it seems that only mauritian chatters from servihoo chat are mostly registered there.Its still in its early stages but hopefully this will change. Although the interface is kind of annoying with the fonts set a very high size and the color is not very relaxing for the eyes.

Whats nice is the audience for this service understands both english and french, although I do have my doubts concerning the age of the people who do go on this service as most chatters are teenagers.

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Anonymous said...


The chatters are not from Servihoo. They are from You will be surprised to see how many chatters older than you there. Please have a look.


Unknown said...

Thanks Dave for the correction , I will definitively have a look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

The chatters are definitely not from Servihoo. From what I have observed from being a regular for the past months(I have been introduced to this network like you via a friend), you have old Dalnet/Efnet chatters as well as new people who got introduced to it.

The age group of people are in the fork of 19-35 and some even older.