Friday, November 10, 2006

Watch a movie inside of a concrete block

In the future we will be able to watch our movies and tv on our wall itself ...did i forgot to say.. without a projector?

A company has recently developed a special type of concrete with optical fibers embedded into it.

The potential of such a technology is huge , imagine your office wall turning into your pc monitor and your concrete bus stand into a advert displayer.

Have a look for yourself at the video :


Carine said...

Someone spends waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on youtube! LOL!

But that's good though, coz I don't have to spend any time at all there, I just come to your blog and watch the interesting ones! :P

Unknown said...

Dont know if its a compliment or a slap to stop going on youtube :P !!

Carine said...

It is both!! :P
The art of contradiction, only the very best can master it! :P

Unknown said...

arrete coz menti do ta p coummence coz coumma mane moine shaolin la !!!

Luna said...

Javed, why limit oneselft to concrete?

Check this video about the AMAZING conferencing set from Cisco.

At one point holograms are discussed.
I know that Philips R&D in the Netherlands is actually work hard on getting this kind of thing to work!

Like the blog, keep it up!

- Stephan

Unknown said...

Gheez thanks stephan great link ..


Ashvin Gunga said...

I think I will buy a couple of these blocks in poundland, once they got there. :-)