Wednesday, November 22, 2006

JBuilder 2007 is out

The long awaited JBuilder 2007 has been released and unfortunately it is not yet available for download in the Borland JBuilder Downloads section.

Still you can always try out Foundation version of JBuilder 2005 which is absolutely free however it is a scrapped down version of the commercial IDE.

Before Eclipse ,JBuilder used to be the King of IDE's for Java Development but nowadays JBuilder has slowly slipped into a dark Era of unpopularity maybe due to its commercial nature and lack of plugins "a la Eclipse".Maybe this is why this time the core of JBuilder has been written upon the Eclipse platform :D.


300zatacek said...

Hi, JBuilder 2007, as of today, is still not available for download. Check out your screenshot - it's 2006 or 2005 and older...

Also I haven't heard anything yet about a free version, because Developer version that is targeted for individuals and open source developments still costs two hundred bucks.


Unknown said...

Oh thanks Milan ..major blunder from my part ..oops.. i corrected the mistake .


Anonymous said...

Jbuilder is still better than Eclipse. at least it does not crash :)

Unknown said...

what on earth are you talking about jbuilder crashes just as much as any ide even more than eclipse 3.+ .

Futhermore Jbuilder loads way so many useless libraries and 3rd party tools.