Friday, November 17, 2006

Infotech 2006 updates

Yesterday we went to the 2006 edition of infotech which for the first time was held at Swami Vivekananda centre at Pailles. I had taken a few photos there but it seems its high time i get rid of my phone cause I was unable to download them to my pc :(.

This years infotech had less stalls namely those of smaller companies , my assumption would be because of the fact that the prices are much higher for stalls at Swami VVivekananda. The good thing is that the entrance fee is still free.

We were greeted by a BMW at the HM Rawat stall , i think most people went to the stall because of the car . As for the price of the phones these go as follows the 2 centres of attraction were as usual the now famous N93 which is being sold around Rs 31,000 (VAT included) and the E70 which revolved around Rs 26,000 . The E70 is mostly a business phone which can open up into a Keyboard .

Then there we went to the i-mate stall which had some nice smartphones , I gave my email address to one of the representatives to send me the pricings of the handhelds but he has up to now not sent anything.

The Emtel stall was amongst one of the most impressive stalls but they had bet more about attracting customers with fewly clothed top model type of girls and big wide screens instead of actually portraiting what they wanted to sell. So eventually people were like looking at the stall from a distance without actually knowing why they should actually go inside .

There were also tons of laptops being sold went to see one Dell Inspiron with Core Duo processor priced at Rs 85,000 and the lady there told me that that was actually a promotional price the real price would be Rs 100,000 . Who said that laptops were getting more affordable?

Courts however is proposing a couple of Acer laptops which are quiet nice and fall around the Rs 45,000+ VAT range but with only 512Mb on most models . They even had the famous Acer Ferrari Laptop with 2GB RAM , however although this particular beast sported a nice design the fact that its DVD drive was external was not very appealing.

Do note that Accenture , Ceridian and Currimjee stalls are open to provide information to prospective candidates wishing to join these companies.

My opinion is that the Infotech is a good show but I would expect many people to be actually buying anythere there because of the price of the products being sold.


Anonymous said...

Mr Mandary,

As you said, some stands are in the show just for the sake of being seen to be present, like Emtel. I'm sure people would highly appreciate that at least these guys offer significant discounts on their pre-paid packages during the expo, just like the Salon de la Maison of a fortnight ago...

One very bizarre phenomenon however baffles me for the past 13 years: why so much PAPER pamphlets at an IT Expo?? Why don't they encourage people to input their cellphone numbers at an IT booth at the entrance and then send them SMS/MMS ads? Merde alors!

Endword: Congrats for your insightful comments on the bleak I(c)T landscape of that Dodoland of ours... It's great to read that you are not swayed by irrational feelings, especially in the 'debate' over Nomad v/s T+'s ADSL.

However, please make an effort on your grammar: for instance, u'll agree it's quite hard to digest "quiet" for "quite" :-)

Allez, just keep up the good work buddy!

- Akash

Unknown said...

Mr Akash I think you got me wrong there buddy ... don't know where you got this idea from but I dont think that the infotech reflects the ICT landscape of Dodoland loooooooooool ... the infotech is just a commercial bazaar .

I think most people wouldn't want to input there cellphone numbers in a booth to get information because of many reasons:
1. Your number is private you don't wanna to give it out
2. What so you gonna line up for advertissement :D ?
3. Most people do not have mms phones so how are they gonna see such things as photos and etc..
4. How much advert can you send in an sms/mms :D ?
5. Imagine the price paid to send an MMS its more profitable for Companies to just print out leaflets.

And sorry you got indigestion problems with my grammar .. thanks for your comments and cheers dude ;).