Monday, November 20, 2006 the new web 2.0 search engine

The new generation Web 2.0 search engines doesn't just provide you with accurate results and provide alternatives if they detect spelling mistakes nor do they just auto-complete your queries itself ...actually they even allow you to preview the results directly on your search page.

If you don't understand what am talking about just check out to give a new dimension to your surfing experience.

However the fact that only 4-5 results can be viewed at a time is a bit annoying , this means a lot of time spent with the next page button to eventually find what your looking for. Still its a really good tool.

By way do you know the meaning of the Web 2.0 ?... well neither did I until I did a little search on the net about it . Apparently the word was coined by O'Reilly , it seemed that O'Reilly and his buddies wanted a new word that would depict sites such as MySpace , YouTube , Flickr that allowed the surfer to participate and build a network of users . The new "Web" would allow the deployment of web applications which normally would replace desktop applications in the coming years ..or months :p .

If you want more information on Web 2.0 do check out the Wikipedia page dedicated to it.


Luna said...

The best definition of Web2.0 I heared recently that may appeal to coders it that "Web2.0 is the catch-all for everything that is cool on the web today".

I try not to use the term because I find it distracts from actual added value. Being 'web2.0' is not a virtue by itself.

- Stephan

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Tom from Snap writing. Thanks for your review.

You noted our inefficient use of vertical space and how its annoying to use the "next button". One suggestion I have is that you try browsing the results by using the arrow down key. Your hand never needs to leave the keyboard and you can rapidly preview the sites. No need to hit "next".

Another thing about Snap that is cool is that if we don't have the preview for a search result our system immediately kicks off a process to get it for you.... within seconds.

Thanks again.


javed said...

Hi Tom thanks for the tip I think the readers are going to appreciate that when they use , keep up with the good work !

Hi Stephan I think we should start defining web 3.0 lol , I agree with you web 2.0 its just a way to re-focus attention to what has been developped on the web since 2004 onwards.